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GTA Realism 0.9


    Important updated files
    Weapons Script - Improved: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3qa7od9dhsx6v18/weaponupdate.zip

    Timecycle - White Glow Bloom Fix: https://www.mediafire.com/?bzcgfid6nsxxokc

    Creator: mkeezay30
    Co-Creator: Quentin-Tarantino
    Co-Creator: Alweul
    Co-Creator: SoB
    Co-Creator: Dilapidated
    Co-Creator: Yard1
    Co-Creator: BobJaneTMart
    Co-Creator: Bilago
    Co-Creator: SkylineGTRFreak
    Co-Creator: BroCop
    Co-Creator: EddIm
    Co-Creator: Alex_Ashfold
    Co-Creator: AlexVonShep
    Realism 0.9 is officially up, there are many changes and new features, I'm uploading this now, but it will now be updated very regularely, probably even again later today.

    Some of the new features.
    Awesome Weapn weight carrying script, this is a whole new weapon system, you must pick up guns, you must manage weight and ammo, this is what GTA is like when you can't carry 2 tons of weapons, and it's great.
    To use the weapon system menu press F4, to drop a weapon press F9, don't forget to keep an eye on your weight meter.

    Crystal Reality Implemented, The great Crystal Reality visuals have now been added to Realism, big thanks to the CR team for making Realism look amazing, all textures from CR are now included in a single DLC pack

    On top of that SoBs realistic mods have been included with his permission, these scripts are going to be altered quite a bit, but for now they mostly act slightly different from file changes in game, but no changes that cause bugs or other issues.

    Massive thanks to Alweul, Quentin, Oscarstreet, and SoB for contributing to the project, your contributions have really extended the possibilities and brought Realism 1 step closer to the mod I envisioned over a year ago.

    Full changelog and new description up soon, also incoming file updates that allow snipers from helicopters, and police with K9 units, there is also a batch of files incoming soon that introduce a new shadow and lighting system that allows the most amazing visuals, it will be up tonight for those with rigs that can handle it, it's not really demanding any more than the normal mod at 1080p, but at higher resolution the extra shadow and lighting quality seems to hit a bit harder.

    The Entire mod has been rebuilt from scratch, and other features like arrest warrant from Eddlm are now included, there are many small changes, so many in fact that this entire mod description is being changed, I'm creating a better description and changelog now.

    I also am looking for a few people good at making videos, with beast rigs, I'd love to get some 4K video of the mod

    EDIT: Check pinned post a detailed status update, images and video coming tomorrow of some of the new stuff

Realism aims to bring the world of Los Santos to life, from visuals to gameplay.

With the help of some great authors Realism has become one of the best mods for GTA V, and we hope to continue until Realism is the all in one mod that makes GTA V truly epic!

New Features Include Everything from a whole new weapon system by Alweul, to the amazing visuals of Crystal Reality by Quentin-Tarantino now mixed with Realism for the ultimate visuals.

Realism has been rebuilt from scratch to find and squash bugs, at the same time as optimizing performance, adding new features, and refining others, from physics to combat, the game is now more realistic than ever,
Although there are still a few files left, it's certainly made for a more stable, more fun experience.
Some of the new features include the ability to break through wood fences with melee weapons to escape quick, or emerge quickly out of nowhere, every caliber bullet now does different DMG to armored glass, a pistol will take a while to go through, a minigun will tear it open after a few bullets,
guns no longer get auto collected as you walk by them, and peds now drop wallets instead of glowing money stacks, wallets obey the rules of physics unlike money, bleeding now causes 0.25% DMG for 20 seconds after injury with blood loss.

Cops are smarter and deadlier than ever, they take cover immediately, they are more accurate, and they can now kill you in a single shot sometimes (although not very often as to keep it fun)
cops will also pull downed buddies while they are still alive sometimes, after they are carried away, and if they are still alive, they will get back up.
Cops can get concussions from nearby explosions, these leave them dizzy and injured and provide a great time to quickly shoot multiple enemies, SWAT have Rifles with scopes, and some have Sniper Rifles with scopes, all authorities carry extended clips and other weapon components except for suppressors.

Ambient chases can now have 8 cops and are much more interesting, some peds who are in chases will now pull over and give up, they get put in the back of a cop car and driven off, all pickups have had glow and rotation removed for realism.

And a whole lot more, plus more coming, I'm already putting up videos of new features on Youtube, check out the channel to see features being worked on, check it out here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1eoyDuvUgu2OxewGH3a7rw


Installation Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efyeXuG-6ak

Using the New Weapon System
Press F4 to open the menu, F9 to drop a weapon, the UI allows you to do many things including lock the weapons you want so they don't get dropped
Ammo Sizes are still being tweaked by me, and I'm sure Alweul is thinking of ways to make it even better

Mod Features


Separated NPC and Player services
NPCs get their vehicle towed automatically, options in the .ini define what kind of vehicles get towed.
The player will be prompted to call the towing service if his car is broken down, too.
The script uses a Cargobob for big vehicles, and towtrucks/Flatbeds for regular ones.
You can let the Towing service fix the car in situ or tow you to the nearest LS Customs.
If you let the service fir your car in situ, the cost will depend on ammount of damage the vehicle has
($50 each tire, $200 for the engine, $100 for the petrol tank.)
Manual Service calling for any vehicle you want

Towing Service for NPCs
Towtrucks will come and pick up any vehicle that's broken down
(engine smoking, driver dead, any tire burst). While they actually drive to the broken down vehicle,
they only realistically back up if there's not too much traffic around. If there is,
they skip the back up part to avoid traffic jams, as the AI is a little wonky driving backwards.

Don't worry about your vehicle, it is not considered by this part of the script.

Manually Called Towing Service for any car
Hold the Jump (Space) key and press Context (E) key while near any vehicle to manually call the Towing service for it.

Towing Service for the Player
If your vehicle is badly damaged, you can call the Tow service by holding the handbrake and honking (pressing E).
Wait until the towtruck comes and the driver fixes your vehicle.

*The fee for players is $50, plus the cost of actually fixing the vehicle.


Beaches are more lively both with people and wildlife
Cops now walk beat in City areas and the Pier/Beach
More birds have been added to more areas
Submersibles can be spotted in the Ocean
Cougars and Sharks can now attack Peds
Car Jackers Will Jack You, Jack Peds at Red Lights, and Even Jack Cars That are Moving Slowly.
Domestic Animals are No Longer Afraid of the Player
Numbers of Animals Increased in Certain Areas
Numbers of Cops Altered
People are Now Much More Likely To Swim, and Can be Found in the Beach Water Easily
Peds Now Act as Surface Skimmers While Smwimming, They will Still Go Underwater Though.
Birds Can Now Enter the Water as Can Most Other Animals, Some Like the Cat Still Prefer to Avoid it Though


Cars traveling too fast and turning hard to one side will flip and roll like a Hollywood action movie
This can turn normal chases into exciting action scenes.


All Weathers in Timecycle Changed
Extended Shadow Distance and Scaling
Light Volume Tweaks
Dynamic Baked Lighting Enabled
Ambient Light Bounce Enabled and Tweaked
Boubled the Number of Shadow Cascades Over a 75% Shadow Cascade Distance Increase
Reflection Adjustments on Natural and Artificial Lighting
Trees and Foliage Alpha Tweaked for Better Scattering Effect
Rain Tweaks
Light Ray Distance Increased
Ambient Occlusion on Vehicles Maxed
Ambient Occlusion on Peds Maxed
Ambient Occlusion Props Maxed
Water Tweaks for Improved Reflection and Refraction
Police Helicopter Spotlight Tweaks for Better Color and More Volume
Police Lightbar Tweaks for Greater Distance, Police Lights Now Glow on Walls Within 25 Feet.
Police Boat Spotlight Distance Increased, and Volume Added
Train Light Visibility Extended and Volume Added
General Traffic Light Improvements
Better Puddles
HBAO Tweaks
DOF Tweaks
Improved FogRay Distance
High Dynamic Range Increased For All Possible Settings
Better Rock and Foliage Textures by H2Awesome
Vespucci Beach Sand Textures by H2Awesome
Plant LOD and Shadow Optimizations
Textures Included as a DLC Pack
Various other tweaks


When Near Death! There is now a chance at survival, hit the E key to take a shot of Adrenaline and become
invincible for a short period of time.


Completely overhauled Brawling, fighting and shooting physics, combat reactions, combat physics and more.
Characters will now react based on where they are shot and have multiple new reactions
Characters will try to balance on the way to the ground, if they are in front of a car or wall, it may give them the object to lean against that keeps them upright.
Bullets should now only penetrate car metal after they do a bit of damage and shouldn't go through the whole car.
Juggernauts Carry Miniguns Now Instead of Combat MGs
Juggernaut Health, Fatigue, and Armor Changes Encourage Strategic Kills
Police in combat are now forced to get up with one hand while maintaining aim
Police no longer search an area based on your characters movement history
Police now Search a Bigger Radius
Police Now Search for a Longer Period of Time
Security Gaurds Now do a 360 Degree Patrol of the Premesis
Security Guards Will Now Investigate Everything from Car Accidents to Gun Shots and at a Greater Distance
Police Helicopters Will Now Back Away After Fired Upon
Explosives Have a Bigger Blast Radius
Many other tweaks to small behaviors, mostly improving what was done already
Cops Now Give Chase Much Faster After You Enter a Vehicle
Cops Now Take More Time to Line Up Tire Shots
Jet Fighter Perception has Been Changed to Give Pilots a More Aggressive Approach to Battle


You now get a spare tire when entering a vehicle, you need to crouch near the tire and you will be prompted to press a button or key
Spare tires can also be grabbed from tire pile props at gas stations

New Falling Animation by HeySlickThatsMe
Frictions for different ground types changed
Steep Hills are Now Much More Slippery, Especially When Wet
Slipping on a Steep Cliffside is Now Deadly Most Times
While Falling Down a Hill Hold Back On the Analog Stick To Regain Grip
Fixed Various Weapon Issues
Deep Mud and Other Surfaces are More Likely to Get You Stuck or Make You Slip or Slide in a Vehicle
Metro Trains Not Stopping Fixed

Weapon Changes
Weapon speeds have been set to proper values.
Incorrect ammo values have been fixed.
Forces have been changed for more realistic damage per weapon.
Body Damage forces changed for more realistic hit reactions.

Minor Tweaks to effects from particle effects to blood to wheel fx, too many to list.

Beginning of overhauling of Body related damage
Guns now create bigger wounds and spray blood further
Areas like the neck will squirt blood
Blood from peds will splatter on your clothes if you are close enough
Shotgun wounds have a look similar to gore, face shots are brutal
Blood has more reflection and will reflect nearby objects
Blood pools are thicker and take longer to dry
Clothes will soak over 2 minutes covering victims in blood (currently not working but was not long ago, will check into it tomorrow)
Blood now has a much different look on different surfaces
Blood will wrap around corners more and the number of allowed blood probes has been greatly increased
Blood flies further from the exit wound
Effects like exit wounds have been switched with more realistic exit effects
Baseball bats and other strong blunt weapons can now be used to break through wooden fences and be used to knock objects like walking signs and road signs off the pole.
This update is the first in the destruction system overhaul, you can now shoot through thin metal, garage doors, car doors, you can now shoot fences apart with any gun, shoot the signs off poles and much more, even shoot traffic lights and drop them on peds killing them on impact, there is a lot more coming in the way of destruction, I will also be redoing weapon sounds.

Fixed See Through Objects in Rain
Fixed Over Aggressive Peds
Fixed Cops Using Stungun at Higher Wanted Levels
Added Weekend Population, Weekend and Weekdays Are Now Different


Gunshots can be heard at 150 feet and may result in police being called, the less people around the better
All Minor Crimes must be witnessed and reported, unless witnessed by a cop
Cops called will search the area the crime happened, line of sight is now required, police will jump fences and enter properties so hide well
Cops, Gangs, and Peds no longer have unlimited ammo
Lower wanted levels attract less police
Cops will no longer rush you when in combat, they are able to flank, but they will always look for cover if you are aiming at them, SWAT still have the ability to rush.
Cops in cover now pop their heads up less frequently to shoot
Police response times are more realistic.
Most police now use Stun Guns with a 1 star wanted level
Small crimes like reckless driving can be seen by peds within 75 feet, and may result in a 1 star wanted level
Stealth kills and less noisy kills like hitting someone with a car now have to either be seen or heard by a ped within 5-10 feet depending on the crime
All Accuracy levels have been lowered, the better the law enforcement (SWAT) the better the accuracy, if the AI is rolling, jumping, recently hurt, or firing from a wounded ground position their accuracy is much lower
Police no longer see incredibly high making hiding above them a better option for not being detected.
Police Search slightly longer (please tell me if you'd prefer longer search times)


Pedestrians are stronger and quicker.
They strafe at greater distances.
Peds will follow you farther distances for longer times after a fight is started.
Peds are more likely to counter, block, and more likely to combo attack, they are also less likely to be stunned by a punch.
All peds now have phones making them more likely to report crimes.
Peds now see farther making the chances of multiple scenarios greater (calling cops, joining a fight, fleeing, etc.)


Bullets changed from "Instant Hit" to "Projectile" and added forward velocity drop (still needs tweaking but most work is done)
Recoil increased for all guns, as well as recoil recovery time (more tweaking coming)
Conversion of clip sizes to real life counterparts
Explosives properties adjusted for better explosions (Molotovs burn bigger and longer, grenades have a bit more afterblast, vehicles and other objects burn longer and with more intensity, etc.)
Speeds for some projected explosives increased, grenade launcher, rpg, and stinger fire projectiles at faster speeds
Wider FOV in first person and more weapon recoil makes FPS gameplay more enjoyable


Masses for all living things changed closer to real world values, before all peds and animals were given the same values if they were the same family, now all masses are based on size and not type
Breakable objects like road signs, fences wooden and metal, and other objects given full ragdoll and proper strengths, for some objects the difference is small or nothing but for others I think much more realistic.
Denser Grass and foliage.
The Humpback Whale is no longer invincible, but it's very strong (1200 damage).
Fish and land animals will be attracted from greater distances
Fur count on animals increased
Grass and foliage shadow settings changed for much better shadows in grass,plant, bush and tree filled areas
More natural looking Grass and Tree wind variations
Man-Made Water enhancements
Natural Water Enhancements (Ocean Waves and shore waves are slightly higher, ripples are bigger and foam intensity is higher)
Improved Car Handling (All but SUVs done)
Trains go faster, have more cars, a locomotive at both ends, will stop at stations and reverse direction on occasion, they also start braking at a greater distance due to increased speed, impacts with cars now almost always result in immediate explosion of the vehicle.
Rain enhancements (more rain drops, rain given 30% wind influence in direction, I will be adding deeper puddles, bigger splashes, and multiple rain presets that last for shorter periods than normal weather cycles with different wind directions for each rain setting which will make rain direction change regularly during a storm.
Pedestrian Perception Overhaul, seeing and hearing distances increased for humans, given real world degree of view (the side 10 degrees see smaller distance to simulate detail loss in peripheral vision) and all animals now sense your presence in 3D, so fish above or below will sense you (before only sharks would) like real animals would.
Global reflection slightly increased, only really noticeable on metal, glass and very shiny objects which is what I hoped for.
Increased global car count slightly, I will be doing it by areas later with a custom population cycle but for now this will have to due (more peds, pars both parked and driving, increased creation distance.
All procedural objects given shadows and objects like leaves falling from trees will collide with static meshes, I will increase the lifetime of particles so they stay in areas they land longer in future updates (this has a bug that makes some leaves on the ground disappear and reappear, working on a fix)
Added a third rumble profile to give different attacks a wider variety of rumbles.
Changes to other visual effects from bloom to puddles.
Made the changes in ocean waves more noticeable and natural looking than before.
And a lot more like changes in responses to scenarios like bumping a vehicle.

Animals will jump fences, I will give animals different jumping heights based on the animal, and hopefully got cats to walk and sit on top of fences.
Longer particle lifespans and collision with dynamic objects (as of now they will collide with static meshes)
Cars wheels will kick up more grass, dirt, dust, and other particles, footprints in soil and other soft ground will last longer
Will be replacing flat texture grass with actual grass throughout the entire game, the shortest grass left will be the short grass in the screenshots
Emissive light intensity will be raised for vehicle lights and traffic lights, distant traffic lights will also be more visible
Moon and night sky replaced with proper textures taken from NASA photos, moon wobble fixed (zoom in on the moon with a scope to see the wobble it has be default)
Population cycle overhaul will create a more realistic city, bar filled areas will be full of young partygoers late night, intersections leading in and out of crowded areas will have more cars jamming up at red lights, cars for each area will be modified for wider variety and proper spawn locations across the city and country depending on car types, and a lot more
Creating proper gang territories with encroachment ranges higher to encourage conflict.

Fire can now spread across much larger areas, it can go up trees and poles, and light up whole hillsides
Particle effects have been modified a lot, from the amount of friction and heat tire spinning causes, rocks and grass kicked out by your back tires now lasts a lot longer and rocks that are ejected collide with the ground and other objects, this is just a small taste of the improvement of particles, you can shoot a wood fence and watch the wood splinters land on the ground, paper from garbage bins or leaves from bushes will collide with objects.
Many changes to other effects from muzzle smoke that builds up as your gun heats up, improvements to blood have made blood more shiny until it dries for example, blood on tires or feet can last a lot longer and slowly diminish over time/area covered
All guns but Sniper rifles now allow the victim to be revived.
Police will now come in from the whole state at a 5 star wanted level, from undercovers to sherriffs
Population overhaul V1 is in affect, you will now see heavy traffic during busy hours, larger car variety, and more aggressive drivers.
Tons of visual tweaks, a few small bugs but for the most part it looks amazing.
Complete Overhaul of Relationships between peds
Overhaul of animal actions makes their path finding much more realistic
underwater fade has been reduced to see further underwater.
Overhaul of physics from frictions to slide, mass and speed, damage caused is now much more realistic
Complete overhaul of liquids, puddles give bigger splashes, rain is fully influenced by wind and heavy rain now forms larger deeper puddles, liquids like oil and has now have values that make them act properly, for example a thick puddle of black oil will stick your tires to the ground more.
Started overhaul of destruction, as of now I can only make certain objects explode and vanish, but more destruction will be added.
And a LOT more, little things like your character being able to automatically walk up ledges that are 2-3 feet high, as long as there is ground on top of the incline he will jump up automatically.
Please give feedback as much as possible, from bugs to things you just think aren't right.
Certain attacks will now make you or the enemy drop their gun, melee with a gun for instance.
Changed values to make objects like large garbage bins stronger
Overhaul of pedestrian brawling style and skill, fighting multiple peds isn't a good idea, peds will circle at greater distances and move in to strike.
Trains fixed
Police search times increased, other police values tweaked, nothing new just optimizing combat,
Pedestrian Perception Overhaul, seeing and hearing distances increased for humans, given real world degree of view (the side 10 degrees see smaller distance to simulate detail loss in peripheral vision) and all animals now sense your presence in 3D, so fish above or below will sense you (before only sharks would) like real animals would.
Global reflection slightly increased, only really noticeable on metal, glass and very shiny objects which is what I hoped for.
Increased global car count slightly, I will be doing it by areas later with a custom population cycle but for now this will have to due (more peds, pars both parked and driving, increased creation distance.
All procedural objects given shadows and objects like leaves falling from trees will collide with static meshes, I will increase the lifetime of particles so they stay in areas they land longer in future updates (this has a bug that makes some leaves on the ground disappear and reappear, working on a fix)
Added a third rumble profile to give different attacks a wider variety of rumbles.
Changes to other visual effects from bloom to puddles.
Made the changes in ocean waves more noticeable and natural looking than before.
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