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Harder police/wanted levels mod 1.25


Better swat/police units, and reworked dispatch.meta: much longer evasion timers, tweaked wanted thresholds (chaos/destruction needed to raise a star), higher wanted level radius in each star, tweaked Vehicle Sets to suit what I chose to spawn in Wanted Responses. Spawning:
1 Star: 1 police car coming to investigate. 1 police boat.
2 Stars: 4 police cars and a small roadblock added. Also a second police car added along with default one that spawning in 1 star for variety (both are very close in speed). 5 police boats.
3 Stars: 5 police cars and 2 noose grangers (3 in each, total: 6 units), much larger roadblocks with the police transporter included and up to 3 helicopters can chase after you. 7 boats.
4 Stars: normal cops stop dispatching (except in roadblocks), swat riots, fib buffalos and 4 grangers come after you (fib peds are set to spawn in riot vans and fib cars because swat peds don't work on other vehicles except grangers, fib ped uses cop ped type by default). roadblocks now have fib buffalos spawning aswell with a swat ped near it, up to 3 helicopters and 7 boats.
5 Stars: 3 additional grangers and 2 more boats after you.

If u didn't mod anything before, OpenIV is needed as always. After it is installed, go to: Tools>ASI Manager>and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi.
Installation is provided in the text file. Make sure to backup every file before u modify!
2 other mods I installed to make the gameplay enjoyable (swat/noose skin and annihilator helicopter fix):
SWAT - Special Forces of the US Police 1.2 by Dima4887
Tactical Package for NOOSE Annihilator by Custo
https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/tactical-package-for-noose-annihilatior If u wish to have annihilators spawn (https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Annihilator) instead of the police maverick as helicopters while wanted, install this mod, if not, follow the dispatch readme.
- and many other possible mods

things that can be fixed/changed to improve the mod:
1) making the noose peds work on other vehicles aside from grangers without causing bugs (fib peds spawn on these vehicles instead with an option to reskin them to swat). 2) Make the 2 stars last longer than it is (at least 10-15 cops killed). If u shoot on or kill a cop while in 1-2 stars it automatically will go into 3 stars (to fix that for now, I use "Set Maximum Wanted Level" in Simple Trainer and SHV). 3) Make sure helicopters: don't fly away/disappear from a distance and try to catch up, spawn and respawn further away from you. 4) Make cops go under train tunnels, into the sewer system and other spots that they avoid. 5) other stuff that can improve the mod, like making cops not drag dead cops and get themselves killed aswell. Also, if possible, it would be awesome to have the swat peds helmet work somehow (like it does in max payne 3 for example).
If anyone can help with any of those (especially 2. and 4.), have bugs to report or have some tips it would be great :)

Won't work with online obviously. To change values yourself, use a good text editing program: https://www.techtimes.com/brandspin/240045/20190325/top-5-best-text-editor-windows-2019.htm or even the OpenIV editor for quick changes in .meta files

Mod made by me (excluding the 2 linked mods that are not mine), after learning from various different mods, modders and other sources on the web, if u want to re-use or anything like that, just be sure to credit me or link this mod :)

Huge thanks to Mkeezay - https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/mkeezay30 for giving me the dispatchtuning & combattasks ymt files, guiding me on how to tweak them and helping in other things.

edit: fixed some description errors/added info, (last updated - 7.11.2019)
added an updated dispatch that balances helicopters spawning (already included in later versions)
edit 2: noticed a possible "bug", in 3 stars the helicopters seem to sometimes fly away from the player, regardless if it's dropping noose or not. maybe has to do with wantedtuning.ymt that I cannot open.
edit 3: work in progress for v1.1 (more features and further balancing)
edit 4: uploaded v1.1, will continue working on the mod and find more ways to improve it, fix core issues (for example, helicopters spawn too close to you) and hopefully release 1.2 soon
edit 5: v1.2 uploaded, some minor but important balance tweaks. v1.3 will be uploaded if issues 2) and 3) with helicopters will be solved.
edit 6: Instead of using "Set/Freeze Wanted Level" for 2 stars, there is also "Set Maximum Wanted Level" that I didn't notice before, which works better than set/freeze. Script Hook V & Simple Trainer are needed if u don't have them already (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v, https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav).
edit 7: playing a bit in the ocean again, noticed that swat boat could be bugged, gonna use police boat instead
edit 8: uploading v1.3 soon, including dispatchtuning.ymt that makes helicopters not spawn/respawn too fast and other stuff. - sorry if it's taking a bit too long, real life unfortunately gets in the way :(
edit 9: will upload the work in progress for now, in a few days.
edit 10: file uploaded
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