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NaturalVision Remastered (NVR) is a "work-in-progress" visual overhaul mod. Numerous changes were made to the environmental weathers, lighting system, ambient colors, tonemapping, weapons system and select textures in order to blur the line between fantasy and reality.

The goal was to try and make GTAV look visually similar to Southern California in real life. In order to achieve this, research on the Los Angeles (Los Santos) and Salton Sea (Sandy Shores) regions was conducted using hundreds of photos and hours upon hours of video footage. All of this was necessary in order to produce the most realistic visual experience currently possible with GTAV's limited game engine.

Fun Fact: More than 3500 hours have been spent working on this mod. These things take time.

The aesthetic behind NaturalVision Remastered was inspired by Forza Horizon 3, Watch_Dogs, GTAIV and a variety of other games.
Numerous visual details were taken from those titles and remade in GTAV's various weathers.

Unlike most graphics mods, NaturalVision Remastered does not rely on ReShade for its looks. This allows for players to enjoy a massive boost in performance.

There are numerous optional add-ons included with this mod, ranging from a depth of field modifier, motion blur enhancer, LSPDFR related tweaks and much more. This gives users the ability to customize the game to their liking.

It also includes an optional ENB and ReShade package, which outputs minimal effects such as sharpening and deband.

Please make sure to check everything out so that you can enjoy this mod as much as possible.

Install guide is included in the super detailed "README" file within the download.

The README is currently available in the following languages:
English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Korean

Please read everything carefully in the readme before commenting about an issue. There is a good amount of useful information in there that should help troubleshoot your issues and also answer your questions.

IMPORTANT You must put your GTAV display brightness at 50% for the best possible experience.
With NaturalVision Remastered, your in-game performance will be about the same as vanilla.

The only thing that matters is how you currently run GTAV without mods and the FPS you receive on average.

If you plan on using ReShade then you may experience performance loss, but it's not necessary to use it anymore.

There is little to no performance loss with ENB by itself, so feel free to use that.
Optional: Install VisualV before installing this mod
Update Notes

March 22, 2018 Update
Note: The main NVR install package now contains bright emergency lights without any bright dashboard lighting.
If you use vanilla vehicles, then there is no reason to install the "Brighter Emergency Lights" add-on.

• Improved rotator light intensity on various emergency vehicles
• Fixed rotator lights on the POLICE2 and POLICE3 vehicles
• Removed the RadianceV add-on as it caused problems for users
• Decreased motion blur in the FiveM package
• Fixed a typo in assembly.xml with the "mphalloween" dlcpack
• Updated (Step 4) in the English readme with a link to download a light version of NVR without any of the vehicle mods, weapon mods and gameplay tweaks that are otherwise included in the full install package
• Updated the English readme's FAQ section with a download link to an "FPS Boost" package which removes a couple of features in order to improve the framerate
• Misc weather tweaks

March 20, 2018 Update
• New Add-On: Enhanced Motion Blur
• New Add-On: First-Person Depth of Field
• New Add-On: Alternate Lens Flare Style
• New Add-On: Hide Weapon Reticle and Damage Overlay
• New Add-On: Darker Nights
• New Add-On: Corona Modifier
• ReShade Config: Replaced the 'Luma Sharpen' ReShade shader with a better one called 'Filmic Sharpen' that decreases aliasing
• ENB Preset: Tweaked vehicle reflections and other settings

In total, all the add-on's were updated. Please view the readme for more information on each add-on.

*WIP = Work-In-Progress

• Greatly improved ExtraSunny and Clear weather during all hours — includes precise sky / fog colors, distinct ambient lighting, enhanced shadows / godrays, better water reflections, better sunrise / sunsets and much more
• Reworked cloud colors and variety in Clear weather — now the game randomly chooses between two different styles of light clouds
• Fixed a sunset transition bug in Clear weather during 20:50 in the countryside
• Improved ped lighting in ExtraSunny, Clear, Overcast, Rainy and Thunder weathers
• Added slight wet roads effect to ExtraSunny weather in order to improve the sun glare reflection during morning and afternoon times
• Updated the "Timecycle Lighting Script" and moved it from an add-on to mandatory install. Now it activates automatically upon loading your savegame. Works with the new NVR "Enhanced Motion Blur" add-on which provides the same effect that the "Advanced Motion Blur" script from VisualV provided
• Updated the "Texture Overhaul Pack" with various fixes and moved it from an add-on to the main mod (*WIP)
• Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash when exiting the Rockstar Editor or loading a new save / mission
* Increased procedural vegetation density around different parts of the map with little to no FPS loss - Comparison: https://i.imgur.com/A147hVh.gif
* Increased the amount of litter / trash spawned around certain parts of the city - Comparison: https://i.imgur.com/ES2MHQQ.gif
• Improved ambient lighting, fog haze colors and other fog related settings in Rainy weather
• Rain drops are now more visible and thinner
• Improved lighting strike / cloud burst properties for Thunder weather (*WIP)
• New Foggy weather timecycle (*WIP)
• Improved Overcast ambient colors / fog density and slightly increased SSAO intensity
• Fixed Overcast cloud colors during late afternoon / evening
• Neutral weather is now a slightly modified version of ExtraSunny with vanilla elements - Includes more fog and brightness/contrast via the "Timecycle Lighting Script"
• Began work on the early stages of Clearing weather (*WIP)
• Added graphics.ytd with a new corona texture for vehicle headlights and street lamps
• Improved headlight and tailight corona position / intensity / color on a variety of vanilla vehicles and select add-on modded vehicles
• Removed headlight coronas from a few vanilla vehicles that did not suit it
• Removed all taillight coronas and increased both headlight and taillight emissive intensity
• Modified a handful of stock vehicle textures to improve the taillight emissive color and intensity of vanilla vehicles (*WIP)
• Modified all emergency vehicle lights to reflect on the environment with improved siren colors (*WIP)
• Added a skydome file with new moon and starfield textures
• Reworked the lensflare effect for a better overall look and feel
• Fixed a typo in visualsettings.dat regarding lod fade distance
* Modified the popcycle to increase pedestrian density in Vespucci Beach, Del Perro Pier, Eclipse Boulevard and Downtown Vinewood
• Polished the transition between entering and exiting the tunnels near Del Perro Pier, Pillbox Hill, Koreatown, Fort Zancudo and Grapeseed (*WIP)
• Polished the transition between entering and exiting various interiors such as Michael's House, 24/7 Store, Benny's Motor Works, Barber Shop, Online Apartments, Garages and tons more (*WIP)
• Modified a handful of weapons with a realistic muzzle / smoke effect upon fire (*WIP)
• Modified the flashlight texture, increased flashlight range and decreased weapon flashlight / ped light volumetric intensity for a more realistic approach
• Reworked the Underwater environment and improved Underwater night-time atmosphere (*WIP)
• Added a custom vehshare file with high-res metallic paint and carbon texture (*WIP)
• Added and modified HBAO Settings
• Animals can no longer witness a crime and call the cops - you can safely commit a crime in the middle-of-nowhere
• Removed floating wind debris particles from various parts of the map - taking screenshots of the sky is now a more enjoyable experience
• Standard vehicles now require more pressure in order to create skidmarks
• Slightly increased car exhaust and burnout smoke intensity, helicopter downwash velocity and jet ski particle effects
• Improved traffic light colors and intensity
• Modified distant lights size and intensity
• Modified default tonemapping settings

++ Various other tweaks.

NVR will have another update sometime in the future.
An estimated date cannot be given so please avoid asking.

Do not redistribute these files without my permission. Thanks!
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