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Anime Clothes Pack 0.3


[EN] (Em português abaixo)

I stopped working on that thing a long time ago, i now i promissed shits but whatever, i didn't continued it, for personal reasons, and because i didn't wanted to at all. Feel free to do whatever you want with that content, i'll not be touching it again anytime soon, probably never. Every information below related to updates are old and SHOULD be ignored.

If you liked it, please share :D I'm doing it for free, so the only thing i ask is your help to make it a bit popular. Of course now there's a donate button, but i'm not asking for donations to keep my work going, so if you have some extra money to use and want to support my work i really appreciate that. Anyway, as i said, even if i don't receive at least one donation i'll keep updating it for a long time.

Requests are open! If you want something and can't do it by yourself just ask me and, if it's possible of course, i'll do it :D (I'm talking only about clothes skins, at least for now)

Changelog v0.3:
[Full changelog with the download]

-Added 5 new t-shirts (requests):
- 1 To Love-Ru t-shirt
- 3 High School DxD t-shirts
- 1 Nekopara t-shirt
I'll add more when i have time, but i can't assure it'll be t-shirts, i have only 3 t-shirts skins left to edit, but i'll try to find a way to add new clothes as a add-on. If someone know a way please tell me :D

More WILL come, with lucky before christmas.

For now there's skins only for Franklin!

All Screenshots with better quality: http://imgur.com/a/XJ1ei

Installation instructions are in the readme file, just download to get it.

!! I just didn't found where you can buy all the versions, so i suggest you to use EnhancedNativeTrainer to change the texture.
How to do that: Open the menu>player>player appearance>Modify Current Skin>Slot 4: Top>Drawable #4/Drawable #27/Drawable #28>search in the avaliable textures until you find one you like.

Other informations:

I'm planning to improve some skins and maybe add texts for most of them (like in the "yuri" skin) and i'll add more variations later, including NSFW ones, but as a optional file of course, or maybe i'll make another pack just for it. (I don't know why i call it as a optional file, since every skin is optional and you can choose to install just one or all of them)

And i know the NSFW skin is really bad, but for now i can't edit it, maybe in some days.

And if i wrote something wrong feel free to tell me that and i'll fix it ^^ I'm not really good on english.. If anyone would like to re-write this it'll be nice too.
I need to confirm each anime name, and i know some images are originals, that means they don't belong to an anime or manga and belong only to their autors.

I don't own any of the images and i don't know the artists name (except from the NSFW one, it's from a game called Nekopara, the artist is Sayori).
So, if you know the artists just comment it and i'll add the credits.


Instruções e informações em português no arquivo "readme", preferi colocar junto com o download apenas para ocupar menos espaço na descrição.
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