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Air Support: Chopper Gunners & More 2.1.2

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Spawn an attack helicopter with chopper gunner, or a support helicopter that bodyguards can rappel from.

Place everything into scripts directory
Install latest ScriptHookVDotNet (v3 required)
Doomsday patch is required to use Akula, and Heists is required for Valkyrie

Spawn attack helicopter: F10 (can be changed in INI)
Spawn bodyguard from support helicopter: Shift+F10

Ground crew (bodyguards):
Spawned in with randomly chosen class of primary weapons: rifles, MGs, SMGs, or shotguns
Spawned in with sidearms, including AP pistol
1000 health by default. Ragdoll & writhing are disabled
Maximum of 7 that follow you. You can spawn more & they will protect you, but will not follow you

INI Settings:
AttackHeli model: choose from Hunter, Akula, Buzzard, or Valkyrie. Hunter & Akula work best
SupportHeli model: choose from Polmav or Maverick if you want rappel support
Height: heli hovering height
Radius: distance the helicopter will try to keep away from the player, so that it is not directly overhead all the time
Bulletproof: 1 = bulletproof, 0 = not bulletproof. Heli will still take damage from explosives and collisions

Bugs and future improvements:
- ENT bodyguards do not work well with gunners and guards spawned with this script. Avoid spawning ENT bodyguards if you are using this.
- Valkyrie gunners are still dumb

- made deletion more graceful: Helis will fly away and ground crew will no longer follow player
- added ability to delete all ground crew and helis using Delete + activateKey
- added ini settings for ground crew
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