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    At first just WOW, but then... everyting blurs at high speed, even the cars near you, driving the same speed or if you on a movig train, the train blurred as hell (( and if you stop, fast cars passing by is sharp and clear... dissapointing ((

    27. September 2015
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    @Greyskysk8 @louane
    "I have i7-2600k / 16RAMDDR3 / GTX980 4go / GTAV on SSD alone

    I tested v2.3 with :

    bcdedit/set increaseuserva 8192 and bcdedit/set increaseuserva 16384

    Game crashed after few minutes"

    Same here i7 5820K/16Gb DDR4/GTX970 4Gb/Win 8.1 x64 - load my save near the city, drive in the city - crash ((

    5. Juli 2015
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    How about rain puddles full reflections? Why is nobody working in this direction? Change shaders or replace files, pools and ocean reflects everything )

    4. Juni 2015
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    How about full rain puddles reflection? With cars, trees etc? Pools or canals reflects everything, maybe change shader files or something for puddles?

    26. Mai 2015