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  • Michael2

    I saved my game somewhere else it teleported to Michael residence Area

    9. Juni 2024
  • Michael2

    @dakilla I try to start the drone by pressing the 'G' key I get this error UnHandel Exception Scripthook is there any possibility?

    9. Juni 2024
  • Michael2

    This Stealing Tank started from Youtube channel ABluerz Gamerz

    20. April 2024
  • Michael2

    HOW For Franklin in fivem not sp

    29. Februar 2024
  • Michael2

    That only works with MP free mode male and female for protagonists like Michael Franklin and Trevor
    for eg mp_m_freemode_01 will be renamed, but what for these 3 characters If you know Glad to know ASAP Thank you...

    27. Februar 2024
  • Michael2

    Download the last version ( 1.1v for head ) and for the latest t-shirt [ 1.2 (current) ] which doesn't have the head file okay.
    Extract both 1.1v and 1.2 (current) then start OPENIV
    And Installation is easy put everything in folders drag and drop but follow it in the proper steps

    Copy x64v.rpf file in mods folder first if you haven't done

    then put all the 1.1v and 1.2 (current) files in

    After all these steps Done
    but for now, the head, hair, and the neck tattoo will not load
    for that
    in the 1.1v mike folder you have 1 files called


    put that file again but on a different path
    this will be in the main Game directory "update" folder

    Keep the Backup of main Game Directory method one


    do this
    player_zero file drag and drop to the desktop before putting that head_000_r.ydd file
    so after that, if you have to uninstall that just drop the player_zero file
    copied in desktop okay don't blame me if you did wrong

    or verify the game that will solve Epic game or Steam one

    *1 more****

    if you have EMFsingleplayer in the mods folder you have to put all those files from 1.1v and 1.2 (current) in player zero Alright
    IDK to do that or not for me i did this EMFsingleplayer

    26. Februar 2024
  • Michael2

    can we stream it on my Fivem server for Franklin is it possible for Franklin in Fivem not to sp

    26. Februar 2024
  • Michael2

    hey @raviabhishek1, bhai kya tum isse ek aur outfit mai banna sakhthe ho like for reference

    but half sleeves shirt if it possible aapreciate to your work but if this jazba hai re tere mods mai

    11. Februar 2024
  • Michael2

    HEY, @HKH191 New DLC cutscenes are not working. I think need to copy New DLC to the mods folder.

    29. Januar 2024
  • Michael2

    can you do it 2024?

    28. Dezember 2023