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  • 725e49 lost in translation

    Beautiful car! :) I give 5 stars for a great first effort (of course its not perfect, i would also like to see it with lods...), but overall Im always very happy to see a new author making beautiful classic cars, especially the more unusual ones like this one ;) So thank you very much and looking forward to your future work ;)
    And I would also love to see the 1971 Citroen SM btw ;)
    PS Have you seen this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liiknKDaju4 ;)

    14. September 2019
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    @NajPotez yes ive seen it ;) im even subscribed to that chanel (actually subscribed to yours today ;)
    As far as I know, R16 was imported to CS in limited numbers and it also appeared in a few old cs movies (although i remenber it more from old french ones) and i acually wagely recall seeing a few of them in the wild as a child ;)
    PS Ive recently discovered this site https://www.aronline.co.uk/, it focuses mainly on post-war brithish cars, (and a lot of the british leyland wierdness :D ) but there are some great articles also about a SM or an Oltcit for exapmle, I dont know if youre as much car history geek like me :D but i thought you might like it ;)

    5. März 2019
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    @NajPotez Its beautiful ;) It really is one of my most favourite cars of all time, I love how they managed to make it bautiful, inovative and yet pracictical at the same time, so thak you really very much!! :) And thanks @iksr for an amazing model! ;)
    I tried the replace version with no problems ;) Its even my favourite oval-headlights version, also love like the interieor shines through the glass ;) so literally no complains there :D
    What are you planning next, a 110R, maybe a CX ooor something like a BMW 2000 CS? sorry a bit of daydreaming, just in case you run our of ideas :D ;)

    5. März 2019
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    @NajPotez great job! ;) still up for the "project 16"? ;)

    22. Februar 2019
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    @NajPotez That would be absolutely awesome ;)

    25. Januar 2019
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    @NajPotez The Renault 8/Dacia 1100? Or did they make some first one-off special? :D I think the R8 probably inpsired the Skoda 100 as well ;) Although for me the best Renaults are the R5 and R16 especially ;)
    And definitely would love to see the 110R, its really just a coupe version of the 100, so it hopefully wont be that defficult. ;)
    I also have in my computer a well ... not perfect :D attempt to turn the Tatra 613 model from Mafia to the T613 coupe by Vignale (its a beautiful car with an iteresting story), about a year ago I was even considering contacting the author of the original car but then sort of left it... if you would be inerested in any of that, let me know, maybe i would try to do something about it ;)
    Anyway Im very much looking forward to what youll come up with ;)
    PS here in CS, the Skoda 1000 MB used to be called "1000 malych bolesti" which means something like "1000 little pains", reflecting the difficulty of changing production from the body-on-frame front engined Octavia to the new rear-engined unibody car ;) :D

    24. Januar 2019
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    @NajPotez I undestand ;) I just wanted to point out some in my amateur mind relatively easy things to improve, but I also realized, that for example changing the headlights cover would mean turning it from what seems flat shape to a quite complicated curvy one... Anyway, I always say that in video games it actually materrs more, how the car looks from the back/inside, because thats what you looking at most of the time ;)
    Anyway love your work, the Skoda, Wartburg, Fiat, Peugeot - all the old cars, theyre beautiful, so I apriciate anyone who makes them and not yet another tuned labo or whatever :D

    27. Dezember 2018
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    Ooo the godess! ;) one of my favourite cars of all time, thank you very much! :)
    If youre willing to accept some constructive criticism (please dont take it bad in any way, I already very much love the car ;) ) , The front seems a bit off to mee, I studied the blueprints for a while and it seems to me that the bootom outer corner of the headlight cover should be placed maybe a little further back in such a way that the bottom edge of the cover is more in paralel to the line of the indicator below when looking from the top and also the front wheelarch seems too big, definitely too high and maybe too big in general
    I of course dont know if any of this is made to make something easier in the conversion, hope my comment is a bit useful and not a total nonsense :D
    Thanks again and Ill leave you an interesting video about the DS, a true love letter to the car, if youre interested ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AjmLmG16Nw

    27. Dezember 2018
  • 725e49 lost in translation

    Thanks very much! ;) Im Czech, so Skoda 100 has a very special place in my heart.
    If you ever have time, there was a Tatra 613 made for GTA SA (like this skoda), it would be very nice to have it in GTA V ;)
    But any eastern block car or even just any older car, like your other work is welcome ;)
    Thanks again

    18. Dezember 2018