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    @Razorwings18 This is a wonderful mod. I will say it really FINALLY!! I was really mad about trying to edit torque multiplier to have the vehicle not skid at the initial acceleration.

    Really thank you so so much. By the by, is there by any chance you can make the same thing happen when you reverse as well? It does very nicey and smooth acceleration forward but at the reverse it's revving the engine as usual and tires starts skidding ://

    vor 2 Tagen
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    @ciastektibia I don't wanna give low star but the thumbnail is misleading and the bike itself crashing the game when it spawns naturally. Sometimes it also crashes when I spawn it with trainer but when it spawns naturally, game crashes.

    Also if I may ask, can you please release the one in the thumbnail? I can't be sure is it a real life photo but the location looks like from gta so I believe that bicycle is a mod as well?

    vor 2 Tagen
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    @Toxic Scams I truly love this just so so much.

    If I may by the by, there is 1 thing I would like to request and 2 bugs I would like to report.
    The request is, toggle windows option toggles all the windows. Is there like any chance maybe you can make an option that toggles only 2 front windows?

    By the by, some may disagree with this but I really loved the thing that windows stay up when I open the roof. Sometimes I see peeople driving with up windows too to lower wind force on the driver and passenger. It also helps with having the hat not fly off haha :D

    Anywho :D As for the bugs;
    When I toggle the roof (both normally and with mod key), there is no sound :/

    The 2nd one is. Well I think this is rather a stupid decision made by rockstar but high beam lights doesnt stay always on at daytime :/ They automatically switching to low beams after a while. I'm not sure, this might be hardcoded thingy but wanted to mention anyway.
    And yes people normally dont drive with high beams at day time but in game some vehicle's low beam lights are too dim and for those it is nicer to have high beams on.

    Really and very well gladly appreciate for this wonderful mod :)))

    vor 2 Tagen
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    @meimeiriver I don't have anything against this trainer. I love it and in my opinion it's the best one.

    However I don't know much about asi and dll thingies. Anywho, I took your advise and set the key to 99999 :P Well it just works now :P

    I don't remember giving half a star rating, I normally don't give it but maybe I was really annoyed by it by that time and that feature was driving me nuts so I might have give it out of madness. Apologize for it. Anywho I am giving what it deserves now, 5 stars.

    Oh and. I deeply appreciate the help.

    vor 2 Tagen
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    @Starman0620 Oh ok. Thank you very much.

    vor 2 Tagen
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    Hi. Is this saving the picture while including the visual enhancements of ENB and ReShade?

    vor 3 Tagen
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    @RCrw notik I'm not sure what exactly you mentioned but it's vanilla traffic setting in the gameconfig I use. The variety however I increased to 2x. It doesn't increase car density however, just changes variety.

    vor 9 Tagen
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    @PVO You and me both kopeng :D


    and I'm very thirsty :DD Cheers 🍻

    23. Juli 2020
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    @PVO Nah, no trigger :D Just felt awkwardly weird while reading your readme. Should name don't read me mi pensa..

    Supras are meh. Makes me feel bleh. I use BMW Z4 with Tifa Lockhart Custom Casual. Have Ada Wong Casual as pampa near me on the driving kopeng. Looks good. We drive together. Listening this as we drive alongside the roads at Lake Louise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSNO0mB01aw Sounds good pampa. Very good :DDD

    and there is also Ben Affleck. Roleplays him as my daddy with BMW M8. But mi still plays as Tifa. Took selfies yesterday with familytime hashtag. Must use Matrix singularities with it's complexities to hop in the game. Definetly a lot better than my life sabaka. DUH :/

    21. Juli 2020
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    @RCrw notik Not quite but I found out I don't need to add another entry in your files :D

    By the by I wanted to ask. My gpu is dead so I can't test it :/
    Normally while waiting on the road, sometimes a driver slowly hits you from the back. They do that a lot if there is no red light. Is this mod also removing this annoying thing too? :( It really upsets me while I was waiting for the green light someone just comes and crashes me from back :/

    19. Juli 2020