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  • 88f248 unnamed

    @light67 The above method is efficient for add on cars only. If you have replaced cars that are spawned in the traffic, it is less efficient because each vehicle spawned, causes the game to load all the textures one more time. For stability purposes and to minimize the frequency of the game crashes, i recommand you to only use add on cars and to keep replaced cars to a strict minimum (in my case, only the Police vehicles in game are replaced).

    vor 4 Tagen
  • 88f248 unnamed

    @light67 for each car.
    1) Open the ytd file using OpenIV.
    On the left hand corner you will have the size of the textures (example : "4096x4096, DXT1, Mipmaps:9")
    2)Extract in jpg format on your desktop each texture where you have a number above "512x512"
    3) Open Photoshop, or any image editing software.
    Load the Jpg texture. Go to options, Resize and reduce the size to 512x512 maximum. To compensate the loss of details, you can sharpen it a bit.
    4) Save the modified texture in .jpg format on your desktop.
    5) Reimport the modified texture in the ytd file with OpenIV.

    The vanilla cars YTD and YFT files combined often weight less than 5MB, whereas some downloaded car can weight 20 to 30mo (some car creators put useless details such as 4096x4096 textures for Tail light or tires... if you want to compare,the size of a tail light for Vanilla vehicles is 256x256 pixels).
    By doing the above you will fix the Texture disappearing issues.
    Your goal should be to reduce the car ytd size to 15MB maximum. Below it's even better but you will lose details.
    Hope this helps.

    vor 4 Tagen
  • 88f248 unnamed

    @MercilessViper I have been modding all my gtas since 2005 starting from gtaSA.
    I can 100% ensure you that the causes of your texture flickering are the 10+ Replace cars. Remove them or decrease the size of the textures within them to 512x512 max and it will solve your texture flickering issues.

    vor 4 Tagen
  • 88f248 unnamed

    My game crashed after 4 minutes.
    Ok i found what you changed. It makes the game non stable especially when you are in Vinewood Boulevard.
    <SizeOfStack value="100000"/>
    <NumberOfStacksOfThisSize value="20"/>

    vor 5 Tagen
  • 88f248 unnamed

    @InfiniteQuestion what are the values that have been changed ?

    vor 5 Tagen
  • 88f248 unnamed

    @KèrozéN "Arround 10/15 addon car" cherche pas plus loin, c'est pour ça que tu crashes. Surtout si tu fais spawn tes véhicules dans la circulation. Imagine que chacune de tes caisses pesent 20 mo et que tu en aies 5 qui soient spawnées autour de toi dans le trafic. 5 x 20ça fait une charge de 100mo à loader juste pour 5 véhicules. Evidemment que ton jeu va crash.J'ai 32go de DDR4 et je crash quand même si je load plus de 3 caisses add on en même temps.

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  • 88f248 unnamed
  • 88f248 unnamed

    I rank your mod 5 stars. It worked like a charm in a 45minutes test session but i had to tweak it a bit first.
    Here is my detailed review and what i did exactly. I'm sure it will be helpfull to any person with a similar config that will take the time to read this.

    ******My specs******
    * Proc: Intel Core i7-6700K (4.0 GHz)
    * RAM : 32 Go DDR4
    * Graphic card : GeForce GTX 1080

    ******My launcher******

    ******My previous gameconfig******

    ******Mods used******
    *Natural Vision + PRSA + ENB
    *Several Building Retextures mod (hundreds i personnally did)
    *All Franklin clothes replaced with 1024x1024 minimum textures in the ytd files
    *All gang peds replaced with 1024x1024 minimum textures in the ytd files
    *around 40 Addonpeds: 3 addonpeds maximum spawned per game session
    3 addon cars maximum spawned per game session (otherwise it crashes)
    All police cars replaced
    The main issue i had before trying your gameconfig was :
    I am using this gameconfig : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars
    The version i use is the "0;5x traffic and pedestrians" which decrease the number of vehicles and pedestrians in the streets to increase stability and to allow AddonPeds to load more than 3 peds.

    Most of the people that are wondering why the game crash do not realize that 90% of the time it is because of a single vehicle.
    The main issue in GTA is that if you spawn many high size vehicle at the same time (by high size i mean a vehicle weighting more than 15MB including the ytd and the 3D files) the game will crash.

    This car especially was always making my game crash after 10 minutes max when i was chased by the police (as said above, all my police vehicles have been replaced so it is already heavy for the game to load) :

    The archive count by default in my gameconfig was already set to 5208 so it was not needed to change it to 5000 as you suggest.
    Also if it is already changed in the gameconfig, you do not need this as it is redundant (but it will make your game crash if you use both and the values are not aligned, so my advice is to get rid of this to avoid mistakes on your side)

    and I was not confident to install your gameconfig directly in my game as the risk was that i could not be able to use AddonPeds after (see above, i use a "0;5x peds and traffic gameconfig version".
    So as i have noiced that a lot of the values you are using in your gamecofig are already the same ones that are used in this gameconfig:

    What i did was simply to copy paste this value that you mention in the description, and only this value, to my gameconfig and it worked:

    *****FIRST STRESS TEST : cash after 6 minutes******
    The first stress test session that i did, was :
    - put my wanted level to 5 stars so all my replaced police vehicles would spawn
    - weather: Rain and lightning (so the rain and the reflection will increase the chances of crash)
    - hour: midnight (so all street lamps light would put additional stress on the game)
    - location : vinewood boulevard abnd highways as it is the most dense trafic places
    - spawn 5 times this vehicle in the game (the ytd and the yff weights more than 30Mo!!!!! which is insane):
    5 x 30mo for the Audi + all the police vehicles = around 200mo !!! of Addon and replace cars loaded.
    ===== the game crashed after 6 minutes.

    *****SECOND STRESS TEST : no crash. 45minutes session******
    - wanted level 5 stars
    - rain and lightnings
    - midnight
    - vinewood boulevard and highway to Paleto
    - spawn 2 instances of this car : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/audi-rs6-2015-add-on-template
    2 x 30mo (the audi) + replaced police vehicles = around 100mo of vehicles textures and 3d files to load
    ===== No crash for 45minutes, then i got bored and left the game by myself

    Well done InfiniteQuestion , your researches helped me a lot.
    A single value changed in my gameconfig hugely increased the stability of my game.
    In case i will have crash in the future (of course it will happen lol) i will keep you posted.

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  • 88f248 unnamed

    Uninstalled it because it makes my gta5 looks like "Driver3" now

    21. Mai 2020
  • 88f248 unnamed

    I was about to donate your Patreon page but come on.... 30 dollars per month to "Get access to any map of your choice (1 per month) and not limited in time." You crazy. For this amount i can buy GTA5 game itself.

    21. Mai 2020