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  • B90c8e 597b74b44528e61d218b509c[1]

    Hopefully there will be an update on the status of this pack, I noticed there is no zip file anymore to download it. I have a nice Paleto Bay Lore-Friendly car pack, and this is the only good one I've seen to match. For now, PBPD will be using BCSO Uniforms lol.

    17. Mai 2022
  • B90c8e 597b74b44528e61d218b509c[1]

    I love this mod, I got jurisdictions plus, so the other officers and deputies are spawning in the correct spots. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to get the Paleto Bay skins to stop spawning outside of Paleto Bay, I see them every so often in Sandy and Grapeseed, just curious if anybody has a solution. Great quality mod, i will be using this for a long time.

    15. Mai 2022
  • B90c8e 597b74b44528e61d218b509c[1]

    I downloaded all of the requirements for this mod as well as the mod itself. I read the "Read Me" txt document and followed the install directions, but none of the vehicles ever showed up, just the same stock vehicles. I backed up my game files just before, so my game is fine. I was just wondering if there are any good tutorial videos that are up to date on how to install this? I clearly did something wrong, but I just don't know what. There is only one tutorial I've found, but it's the German one above. Some help would be appreciated, I'll probably try again tomorrow.

    2. Mai 2022