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    @sjaak327 Everything about this menu works great and is very fun. The only issue I am having came out of nowhere after loading up the game a week ago. Whenever I try to press NUM 9 which usually enables the vehicle I am driving to go Superspeed, instead pressing that key spawns an attacking driver in a red car. The same one that spawns when you press the page up key. I didn't change any settings or install any mods when this happened, and I double checked the .ini, everything looked good. Then I deleted the two files that come with simpletrainer and loaded the game up. Pressing NUM 9 lagged the game even without simpletrainer. When I paste Simpletrainer back in (a fresh copy) NUM 9 spawns the attacking driver in a red car. Any Ideas as to what's going on? I have been trying to fix all week without having to reinstall GTAV

    19. März 2017
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    I have tried to edit the .ini file to change the hotkey, and I have also tried deleting both files from my game folder. when I do that and press NUM 9 the game lags a bit but doesn't spawn anything since I deleted the trainer. When I add a new copy of the trainer to my game folder, pressing NUM 9 spawns the same red car attacking driver. This problem came out of nowhere after a game restart. Is there a hotkey that changes the hotkeys that I pressed or something? It's very strange.

    13. März 2017
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    I was hoping someone could help me figure out what happened to one of the hotkeys. I noticed NUM 9 was no longer car speedup, and is now spawn attacking driver in a red car. The same that spawn when you press page up. I didn't change any settings and the trainer.ini shows the correct hotkey codes?

    12. März 2017