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    Jota13 » RP

    Hey, I don’t know if u already have some jobs worked out but I will drop here some ideias if u are interested:

    Truck driver -> My idea here is the player would have to choose a company to start working where the trucks are slow and old, being a weak company the payment would be low but the objective is the player experience so he can move to a bigger company with better payments and trucks

    Being a cop: This is already a famous job in gta where the player go around in the cop car waiting to answer a call from the department. In my opinion, when the player begin his career he should just answer basic calls, as long as he gains experience he could start to answer heavy duty calls and harder events.

    Miner: Just to use the dead zone of gta(the mountains) the player could try and mine some materials, this job would be based on luck since every kind of material could be obtained, to make this harder, the player would have to buy the tools(from cheap to expensive ones) take the ores or stones to clean and then trying to sell them

    Driver: This is a basic job where the player acts like a taxi/Uber driver, there’s nothing much to say about this job

    Fireman: Again, there’s nothing much to say about this one. But if u want u can make harder events.

    Paramedic: Another job that hasn’t much to say

    There’s a lot of possibilities to choose from and in your case not much time to think of them. I’ll just leave some other ideias here:
    Car dealer
    Boat dealer
    Real Estate agent

    8. Juni 2022