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    Great mod for for what it is, although I have noticed some slight issues. Collisions with destructible objects (lamp posts, transformer boxes) only seem to happen at the tailgate, the rest of the car just clips through the object until the tailgate collides with it. The first person alignment needs a little work, currently the character sits a little high, basing off of the placement of the hands.

    27. Juli 2017
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    Liking all these NFSMW-inspired liveries. Any chance you might make a livery for the Vacca, based on Ming's Lamborghini Gallardo?

    13. Juli 2017
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    Whenever I try to spawn an addon car, I get an "Invalid Model" message, even though I'm sure I installed the mod right. How do I get the trainer to recognize the mods?

    19. April 2017
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    Crashes during loading screen, even after putting xml and asi file into root folder. Nothing seems to be working, and game loads just fine without ENT installed.

    6. Februar 2017