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    @DarthPungz on civilian Buzzard? Yes, it's extra 10.

    5 hours ago
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    @HuskyGamign365 probably, if you configure it for FiveM. Feel free to try

    vor 5 Tagen
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    @Glock hehe, you're not "that guy" if you report an actual bug :)
    Thanks, I've fixed this just yesterday. This issue is only present on LOD1, so it won't be visible until you get far enough from the vehicle. I'll release the update when it becomes big enough to be worth redownloading.

    vor 7 Tagen
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    @ArteX for doors and other excessively smoothed pieces: in Zmodeler, detach whole pieces of mesh that need to have sharp edges using Detach tool with 'To new object' turned off; and then use Calculate Normals tool on new mesh.

    For parts that need to be smoothed there are two possible causes, can't know what's with your model without looking at the mesh:

    - If polygons are not connected together, you need to weld with the tool of the same name. It's faster to do in Blender than in Zmod, IMO, but then you'll have to port it back into the game again, so I won't stop on that now.

    - If polygons are connected, then you can simply use Smooth Normals tool in Zmodeler, play with its settings a bit until you find fitting values and fix some occasional bad looking spots if there would be any, that should be it.

    vor 8 Tagen
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    The model, judging from screenshots alone, needs much more work with normals - they are smoothed where they shouldn't be (doors shape, look at the indents), and are not smoothed where needed (boot and bonnet are all stepped).

    I'm not a fan of real models, so won't download it, but hope that normals will be improved in future. If screenshots are outdated and my judgements are wrong - apologies.

    One more tiny thing. FPIU = Ford Police Interceptor Utility, no need to call it Police Interceptor again. Just saying :)

    vor 8 Tagen
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    @James HortonCZ the easiest way would be going to [game folder]/update/x64/dlcpacks/lssd_ext_pack/dlc.rpf/common/carcols.meta file, searching for "<!-- 188 -->" line (without quotes) - that'd bring you to the sirensetting entry that is used by Brigham and Riata.

    Every <siren> block there is described, you need to skip first 4 and then search for this bit on all others:
    <intensity value="50"/>
    <size value="1"/>
    <pull value="0.1"/>
    <faceCamera value="false"/>
    here you can increase <size> value to make coronas bigger, and <intensity> to make them more colorful and blend out slower towards edges.

    That will also affect coronas at night, so find a value that would work the best for you. Sadly, I can't make it look good for everyone, as most of different graphics mods affect coronas size and intensity; so I tried to get them to a compromise.

    Other vehicles have their own sirensettings, if I remember correctly it's 189 for Esperanto, 187 for Voodoo and 186 for Boxville, you might want to change them too, as their lightbars are designed similarly.

    vor 9 Tagen
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