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    Thank you!!!

    27. Oktober 2023
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    Can you add a no recoil setting? like Rampage Trainer?

    26. Oktober 2023
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    Found another Bugs:
    Both the Combat MG and Combat MG Mk2 are not on the weapons menu and can't be saved with loadouts.
    The WM-29-Pistol does no save its attachments in loadouts.

    26. Oktober 2023
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    I found a bug: If you enable "No Recoil" in the Weapons Category and after that enter a firetruck it crashes the game!
    Here is the log:
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] Code: 0xC00000FD
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] Module address 0x7ffb837f0000
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] At address: 0x7ffbbd0e8a60
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] Cause: STACK_OVERFLOW
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] ASM registers:
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] RAX: 0x4848503D40 || RSI: 0x3E4
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] RBX: 0x16D114130C0 || RDI: 0x48485FEE10
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] RCX: 0x7FFBE3FEF1B4 || RBP: 0x0
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] RDX: 0x0 || RSP: 0x48485FED38
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] Cache: 137 Natives
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] Run Time: 13:53
    [0x00364f19 (Rampage.asi),
    0x00396891 (Rampage.asi),
    0x0039a2c4 (Rampage.asi),
    0x00399f73 (Rampage.asi),
    0x0039ac1c (Rampage.asi),
    0x0039ac8a (Rampage.asi),
    0x003974a9 (Rampage.asi),
    0x000a3dff (ntdll.dll),
    0x0001e456 (ntdll.dll),
    0x000a2dee (ntdll.dll),
    0x005f8a60 (clr.dll),
    0x000c47a6 (clr.dll),
    0x000c50d0 (clr.dll),
    0x00077a9a (ntdll.dll),
    0x0001e232 (ntdll.dll),
    0x000a2dee (ntdll.dll),
    0x00318c55 (Rampage.asi),
    0x0035cd80 (Rampage.asi),
    0x0035cec9 (Rampage.asi),
    0x00248fcd (Rampage.asi),
    0x00248f0c (Rampage.asi),
    0x00248f1c (Rampage.asi),
    0x0008667b (KERNELBASE.dll),
    0x00087ad4 (ntdll.dll)]
    [15:02:28] [FATAL] Exception in Fnc Controller

    23. Oktober 2023
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    How do i modify weapon attachments?

    22. Oktober 2023
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    Can you make, that the "Military Rifle" is saveable too? And Great mod btw!

    21. August 2021
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    Thanks for the Mod! But it fixes the texture glitch not only in Rockford Hills, but also in every other subway!

    21. März 2021
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    Hey! Great Mod! But could you please update it to the new version? Weapons like the Shotgun MK2 or the Marksmen Rifle MK2 have still no real name!

    21. März 2021
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    Thanks for the update!

    28. Dezember 2020
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    Nice mod!

    26. Dezember 2020