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    @Mehdi Zoubai I love that mod devs always default to "this user is an idiot" when reporting bugs, I already use a disabled script folder, as well as back-ups of my mod folder, why is it up to me to do your trouble shooting for you? I stated already I spent time trying to figure out why I had a performance degradation. I'm merely reporting to the author that what they released has an issue. Why not state in your description "can cause conflict with some mods", and save some users some hassle, obviously I am not the only one having issues. I am only running around 8 scripts, all of them I value more than a fuel mod that has horrible performance and 3 other alternatives that do the same thing but at MUCH less cost. I do not care to spend more of my time to figure out what the conflict is, I've spent that time downloading a different fuel mod, and configuring it to my liking.

    3. November 2021
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    @Mehdi Zoubai thats fair, it could be a complication with another script, however, running any of the other fuel mods does not cause this issue, it frankly just seems like there is some kind of memory leak issue, or something that conflicts that causes a huge amount of overhead, more or less just posting because I ended up re-installing the game, and deleting my entire mods folder twice, before I figured out it was this mod. Just so others can be aware if they have similar issues.

    2. November 2021
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    I've tried to change the consumption multiplier to o,2, and to 0,05, the tank still empties like it has a massive hole in it. Deleting this mod.

    1. November 2021
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    Can confirm this mod gave me a huge performance hit, had terrible pop in and see through roads, removing the mod fixed it.

    28. Oktober 2021
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    Found a bit of a wierd bug or perhaps easter egg lol. But the Caddy (I think its called) Golf Cart, is a ****ing rocket ship, it does like 2 secs in the zero to 60, and goes over 100 no problems.

    24. Oktober 2021
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    Nvm Im dumb lmao, I didn't realize that "No Wheel In Use" did not mean that I could not input the controls. Thanks for the help.

    24. Oktober 2021
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    Love the mod, been using it for awhile in VR with just a controller, but I decided I'd try out my wheel setup, and I cannot get the wheel to detect in the mod UI. Using a G27, and a PS4 controller using the Steam PS4 controller support.

    Any ideas?

    [00:16:47.846] [ INFO ] Manual Transmission v5.4.2 (built Oct 20 2021 00:08:19) (8607c95)
    [00:16:47.847] [ INFO ] 2021 10 23, 00:16:47
    [00:16:47.847] [ INFO ] SHV API Game version: VER_1_0_2372_0_STEAM (69)
    [00:16:47.847] [ INFO ] Running executable: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe
    [00:16:47.849] [ INFO ] File Version: 1.0.2372.2
    [00:16:47.849] [ INFO ] Using offsets based on SHV API version [VER_1_0_2372_0_STEAM] (69)
    [00:16:47.849] [ INFO ] Script registered
    [00:17:56.858] [ INFO ] Script started
    [00:17:56.894] [ INFO ] [Settings] Timers: No timers registered
    [00:17:56.897] [ INFO ] Settings read
    [00:17:56.897] [ INFO ] Configs loaded: 0
    [00:18:00.824] [ INFO ] [Compat] Setting up TrainerV
    [00:18:00.825] [ INFO ] [Compat] Setting up DashHook
    [00:18:00.825] [ INFO ] [Compat] DashHook.dll not found
    [00:18:00.825] [ INFO ] [Compat] Setting up DismembermentASI
    [00:18:00.826] [ INFO ] [Compat] Setting up HandlingReplacement
    [00:18:00.826] [ INFO ] [Compat] HandlingReplacement.asi not found
    [00:18:00.826] [ INFO ] [Compat] Setting up CustomTorqueMap
    [00:18:00.826] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Initializing input devices
    [00:18:00.826] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Setting up DirectInput interface
    [00:18:00.907] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Found 2 device(s)
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Name: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] GUID: {A5ED8370-3EE5-11E9-8002-444553540000}
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Name: Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] GUID: {11FF28DE-28DE-0001-0000-504944564944}
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Devices initialized
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Initializing force feedback
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] GUID: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    [00:18:00.908] [ ERROR ] [Wheel] Skipping FFB initialization (unknown axis: 8)
    [00:18:00.908] [ ERROR ] [Wheel] Force feedback initialization failed
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Not set up in .ini:
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Device: Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)
    [00:18:00.908] [ INFO ] [Wheel] GUID: {11FF28DE-28DE-0001-0000-504944564944}
    [00:18:00.909] [ INFO ] [Wheel] Steering wheel initialization finished
    [00:18:00.909] [ INFO ] START: Initialization finished
    [00:18:00.909] [ INFO ] [Telemetry] Starting UDP on
    [00:18:06.900] [ INFO ] Checking for updates
    [00:18:07.490] [ INFO ] No update available, latest version: [v5.4.2]
    [00:20:56.340] [ INFO ] Configs loaded: 0
    [00:21:05.501] [ INFO ] Configs loaded: 0

    The wheel works great in other sims, including Dirt Rally 2, and Assetto. When I alt-tab out of the game, the FFB kicks on and the wheel has resistance, when I alt-tab back in, the wheel is completely free and has no resistance, like its not being powered.

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    24. Oktober 2021