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  • E6718b патрик

    @sjaak327 Can i change a color for trainer modification? Me somewhat don't like a blue color )))

    9. August 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    After installing the new version of the ScriptHook for the last update, the modifications worked well, but the game was terribly slow.
    I solved the problem as follows (maybe someone will come in handy too).

    1) you Must remove all modifications and programs from the game folder.
    2) you need to run the game and make a few saves without modifications to different slots.
    3) Download ScriptHook and ScriptHookNet, throw in the folder with the game and start the game.
    4) Make a new slot save and turn off the game.
    5) Throw the modification and start the game.

    So I was able to solve the problem with the game braking.

    9. August 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @Stifflerstiv Офигеть, я думал, ты забросил мод)) Даже не верится, спасибо))

    8. August 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @lucasvinbr Hi! I have a question for you! Please, write, that mean here is these the lines:
    1) <ticksbetweengaiupdates > < / ticksbetweengaiupdates>
    2)<minGangAITicksBetweenBattlesWithsamegang > < / minGangAITicksBetweenBattlesWithsamegang>
    3) <ticksBetweenGangMemberAIUpdates > < / ticksbetweengmemberaiupdates>
    I don't understand the exact meaning of these lines. And I need help so I can adjust the mod to work properly for myself))
    At the moment ,I have the impression that these lines perform one function...

    30. Juni 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @lucasvinbr, Please add the ability to customize weapons and vehicles if possible.

    Also, please, add the ability for each character to set weapons separately. If possible :)
    (For example, I created 4 different characters for one gang. I'd like to assign each one their own weapons.)

    24. Mai 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @Hunk Please tell me, where did Trevor get such a costume from online games? How did you do that?

    19. Mai 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @Eddlm Thank you very much for the reply and the option you are going to add in the next update :)
    I deleted the "Scripthook" files.log " and " ScriptHookVDotNet2.log" and the events of the fourth paragraph began to work for me)

    1. Mai 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    1) In the latest version of planes and helicopters have become very quickly vanish. Sometimes even in front of the player. In previous versions, they could fly to the other end of the map and it was very cool.

    2) In addition, military helicopters/planes begin to fly away when you shoot at them. In version 5.5 b was war with military aircraft since they started to release your missiles.

    3) Bikes appear on the machines almost anywhere on the map and do not disappear. Because of this, sometimes stop to appear other events. It is also very common to see a radio.

    4) Almost ceased to appear taxis, tow trucks and trucks with trailers with helicopters, racers, gang violence - they appear terribly rare or do not appear at all.
    Also stopped to emerge machines, which I added previously himself.

    5) Some cars may appear near of the player and disappear when you get close to them.

    All of these issues were not in version 5.5 b. I hope you know about these problems. And I look forward to when you will be able to correct these errors. Your mod is the best :)

    30. April 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @Eddlm I love you, man! I love your modifications. I almost lost hope to update this mod, but you released it!

    14. April 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    On x box one came update already with new cars, if I'm not mistaken)

    20. März 2018