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  • E6718b патрик

    @Eddlm In the previous version of the modification in the game fly a variety of helicopters, aircraft and so on. Now helicopters and airplanes do not fly at all. How to activate, write, please!

    31. Januar 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @PtiTony I noticed on the photos some military various modifications on the gun. How to enable modification? I would also like to have my soldiers they were)

    30. Januar 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    I found the solution! With the help of any trainer (I use simple trainer) to create a bodyguard. Next, give him the clothes we want to see. Then, press "Shift+B", register of the character for AI gangs, and then register it in your gang or a gang of the enemy. And that's all.

    30. Januar 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @PtiTony I played this mod a few hours. The author is a very cool mod. Rarely on this site to download activities that with the first version so developed.
    I added various military vehicles from different sides, weapons, added new characters and then set them.

    And I found what is missing to this mod:
    Opportunity right in the game to add character in a different gang (my or enemy) and customize its directly in the game. While it is very hard using Notepad to add things to the characters and to check whether they were added)))
    Also the ability to add machines to the gang of the enemy. I guess I don't really know the mod, but I had to do it via Notepad.

    I hope you will be able to add these features later in the game)

    But in General, it's really a masterpiece. I'm just happy.
    I really liked that you can just fight in enemy territory as you want, as in the original game with the gangs. But if you want to capture enemy territory, it can be done separately.

    29. Januar 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @PtiTony I really wanted some zombiemod cool... But why is this zombie mod for me now, if you made such a stunning mod!!!!!!!!!It's a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. Januar 2018
  • E6718b патрик

    @HeySlickThatsMe, How did you make visible armour Franklin? This is a mod?)))

    27. Dezember 2017
  • E6718b патрик

    @sjaak327 Program "Menyoo" contained a file which was downloaded more objects in the game and allowed them to use a "Map Editor". That is, this file replaced file "Object Spawn Unlocker".
    Unfortunately, the trainer "Menyoo" will not be updated for 2 months until February... Can you make the same file for your trainer?
    Or maybe the file exists already?
    I really want to build something new in the "Map Editor", but can't, because objects don't work :D

    22. Dezember 2017
  • E6718b патрик

    @sjaak327, Please tell me what's new in version 6.4?))

    22. Dezember 2017
  • E6718b патрик
    Fixierter Kommentar

    In the archive there are 2 main versions:
    Version 1(New V1.0)
    contains 3 files: neutral, friendly, aggressive.
    - neutral file can be used to light of war and stealth.
    - friendly file can be used for role-playing game
    - aggressive mod can be used for heavy stealth and heavy war (haha, they will kill you).

    Version 2 (New V1.0 Winter)
    contain the same files, only the transport is painted in white color. This version is for the winter (It turned out very nice).
    To do this, activate in trainer mod "Winter".
    In the "Menyoo" - "weather options" - "snow on terrain"

    3. Dezember 2017
  • E6718b патрик

    @masa99 Thank you so much for review))
    I have absolutely no time to create videos for their work, so I thank you for that video))

    24. November 2017