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    can i replace another station other than non stop pop? there are like 6 stations with all the same identical music rap and hip hop that i have no interest in listenting

    3. Februar 2019
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    @K4miKaZe found the culprit..was a script for open the online single player apartments..apparently it didn't liked .net for that

    22. August 2018
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    Game rusn fine,smooth at 60fps on my pc with scripthook and a couple of trainer. As soon as i put this script hookv/net, the game slows down to 30 fps, no matter the setting, no matter the pc (i have an i7 with 16 gb ram and a geforce gtx 1070).why?? is there a fix for this??

    20. August 2018
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    @Someonealive. yes both of them. thankfully the resourceful guys on youtube helped me. i had to put native ui inside the scripts folder, for some reasons...and now it works

    29. Dezember 2017
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    It doesn't work. i have all files required, when i press H, nothing happens

    28. Dezember 2017
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    @zoomzoom Indeed. cars can now transform on a whim so they have no problem there

    27. Dezember 2017
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    @juallhuce lol i can't stop laughing at your reply..seriously!if you are bored or don't know the reply to my answer,..just shut that fucking trap!1) i never criticized or accused "the man who made it",you just made that out of your ass,like everythign else you said 2) it happened in the past, the automatic updates of the game solved it(yeah because unlike you and 99% of people here,i have bought a legit version of the game,so i have constant and legit updates), before reverting it back everytime i try to update the script hook 3) you are probably blind and\or stupid,because with a rig that can run 90% of modern games at 60 fps, having a game that slows down ONLY WITH MODS ACTIVATED, should have let you "think for a minute", rather than just drop that bomb of a comment without even thinking about basics things like those..oh and its me the one who should "step back and think for a minute"??wow the retardness in your comment is so great, that i'm actually asking for more!i never laughed so hard at an internet comment in my life before

    20. Februar 2017
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    again i have the "super slow down" issue with mods.fresh installatiomn, game runs fine 60 fps, installed ONLY TWO CARS,withscfript hook and game is uber slow.i disable the mods and game runs 60 fps again. why?? and before you ask, i have an I7, 16 gb ram and a 4 gb video card nvidia geforece gtx so not related to my pc

    19. Februar 2017
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    @Exac7 same here.i have the non steam version,but if i disable the asi from open iv(with latest script hook)game runs fine.if i enable it,it crashes after choosing story mode

    19. Dezember 2016
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    cars disappear as soon i enter a garage of on apartment,and my character exit the vehicle.any help?

    6. September 2016