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  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Tengerecki Thank you! Unforunately, I have no concrete idea for now. Thanks for showing this, I'll try my hand at experimenting in order to emulate it but no promises for now since I'm close to releasing an update for VisualVanilla. That does look like increased bloom values though. Also, I don't see the white emissives you mentioned, where do I look?

    vor einem Tag
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    Mod updated to a new version!

    v1.2 (08-01-2020) Changelog:
    - Added Weeny Dynasty's Taxi Roof Component with fixed emissives, thanks to @SerMighty for suggesting/reporting
    - Updated load order in order to be at its minimal possible state to have improve compatibility with other mods that replace the same vehicle/s as this mod does

    For the full version history, please check the description.

    Have ideas? Problems? Suggestions? Want to contribute? Or just want to get tight? Join The Modcave, my personal Discord server, here: https://discord.gg/zCpy4SS

    vor 2 Tagen
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Starman0620 I agree with @Szeelec 's suggestion, maybe a general reset button instead? or a key combination that we can set in the .ini

    Also bug report: Freezing the game through the script will make vehicle headlights disappear

    vor 3 Tagen
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Starman0620 Awesome! While you're at it, can you also make the Slow Motion slower, because the way it's at right now is still quite fast. Another request: Like in R* Editor, the ability to change heights, going up and down.

    Also any chance for the source code to be up at some point? hehe

    vor 4 Tagen
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    Been waiting for something like this in years! Thank you for releasing. A request: The option to freeze the game.

    vor 4 Tagen
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @MRDotted @Roudl Thank you guys!

    @Sadman Sami What's wrong with them?

    @Roudl Next update will come soon. It's almost finished. Here's a roadmap:

    v1.1: Progress: 90%, Release: Soon, probably within the week
    - Godrays
    - More accurate Smog/Foggy/Snow/Snowlight/Blizzard/Xmas weathers
    - Fixed reddish tint on Snow and Blizzard
    - Current gen kill marks are now default
    - New Optional: Old Gen Kill Marks
    - New Optional: No Lens Flare
    - some other stuff I forgot

    v1.2: Progress: 0%, Release: Unknown, I will work on my other mod, Dispatch of Variety after v1.1 update
    - FiveM Compatiblity
    - Brighter/Darker Nights

    I will keep updating this mod as much as I can every update from R*, and when I have something to add. :) So don't worry about this getting abandoned!

    22. Juli 2020
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @whocares Hey, thank you for rating. No Lens Flares is done and will be uploaded in the next update. About the latter concern, you will have to contact @_CP_, @robi29, and @Alex106 first. If they agree, only then can I decide, so be sure to ask me again afterwards.

    22. Juli 2020
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Fiesta95 Can you show a pic and may I have a list of mods?
    @VerteX720 Some people have done it, but I have no idea at the moment.
    @ANNDTRE Restore your backup. Or delete the mods folder.
    @cp1dell Yes!

    18. Juli 2020
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @GeantPoire7906 This mod already adds vehicles and peds to traffic like Back on the Beat.

    And to everyone here, just wait for an update. All bugs will be addressed and I apologize for not replying to any of you. More news soon, here: https://discord.gg/tJdvrFT

    16. Juli 2020
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    I think the guy above is lowkey asking for an update.

    16. Juli 2020