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    For me, not working at all

    22. September 2020
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    Only Crate missions the other works fine

    13. Juni 2020
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    The only Ferrari 308 Quattrovaloe in here is this:

    6. Juni 2020
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    @GSynergy Strange. The linked gameconfig worked for me flawlessly.
    Maybe validate the game files by Epic store, because i think one of them are corrupt.

    Funny thing, this error happened to me also, but with a twist. The game did load but after like 5 minutes of gameplay the game crashed to the desktop.

    I found out that the new version of GTAV not really like when i tamper with extratitleupdatedata.meta so any car mods that needed that are deleted, and reverted the original meta file. And found out that gabz_diner dlc are corrupt (i will mention that in the comment section of that dlc) because if i load that dlc in the dlclist, the game will crash after loading.

    I dunno what else could i say, maybe i'ts the best to validate, but if the error persist, reinstall the game

    27. Mai 2020
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    Just download it and copy Naudio.dll from this outdated mod.

    26. Mai 2020
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    There is NO naudio.dll!! Scripthookdotnet halts the script with exeption. naudio.dll cannot be found

    26. Mai 2020
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    @bassygreay Dude. Don't struggle with this crap. This is outdated. game version now:1.0.1868.4 NOT 1868.0
    I will try this, because it's the most recent and suppose work with the new version

    26. Mai 2020
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    @RandomModder2020 Thank you very much :) Trying to download from the link but it said

    We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

    But now i know where to search :)

    24. Mai 2020
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    Not working with latest rls.

    24. Mai 2020
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    Tried the twitter link that someone posted. That is not OpenVHook.
    Copying the log:
    // GTA V SCRIPT HOOK (build Apr 4 2020, v1.0.1868.1)
    // (C) Alexander Blade 2015-2020, support for 1.0.1868.4 EGS added by RandomModder 22.05.2020

    So someone did reverse engineer the script mod, but none the less, it can't load asi files :/
    [09:38:21] CORE: Launching main() for 'OpenInteriors.asi' (0x00007FFA9CB26390),
    [09:38:21] CORE: Launching main() for 'TrainerV.asi' (0x00007FFA61869110), id 40
    [09:38:21] CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'TrainerV.asi' (0x00007FFA61869110), id 40
    09:39:06] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'TrainerV.asi'
    [09:39:06] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'RareWeps.asi'
    [09:39:06] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'RareCars.asi'
    [09:39:06] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'NFSgauge.asi'

    But nonetheless, it's a good effort, but now it's useless

    24. Mai 2020