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    Haven't downloaded this yet, but I must say...cheers on the subtle VTM: Bloodlines reference.

    26. März 2022
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    Is this compatible with World of Variety at all? Would love to try it if so!

    20. Januar 2020
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    @Daimian Okay, I did a total reinstall and now everything is working. Though I'm suffering a small oddity, possibly from another mod. There's random military mechanics wandering Los Santos like civilians that become cops when a wanted level is triggered, perhaps because they're still registered as military. Might be an issue with WoV, but it's nothing major. I'm just glad I got the mod working!

    19. Januar 2020
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    I've made sure that I have the latest version of NativeUi. Took it from the forum directly, and redownloaded it from Github to be sure. No luck getting the menu open at all. And the mod doesn't seem to run. Any ideas what might be wrong?

    16. Januar 2020
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    @dragonkiller @npk mods There's literally an LSPD officer who announces himself as a Globalpol agent rather than a police officer. So in lore, they are able to arrest people.

    6. Juni 2019
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    Out of curiosity, will you be added more speed limit signs to highways and interstate routes as well as fixing some of the other wrong speed limit signs that exist on them? A good example would be the inexplicable 35 MPH speed limit on the Senora Freeway's southbound lanes near You Tool.

    7. Februar 2018
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    Out of curiosity, are there ever gonna be State of Liberty plates in addition to simply city plates for LC? Feels kinda odd for Alderney and San Andreas to have city and state plates, but not the state of Liberty itself.

    16. November 2017