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  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    whoaw finally.. must have MOD😎😎😎 i can drop weaponS without messing with the in game files like the pickups 2.0 mod😒... unfortunately weapons drop whenever i switch to a different weapon in a vehicle...

    15 hours ago
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    whoaw this map looks really good for practicing drifts.. i got Fukuoka installed, will this map fit perfectly with it?

    vor 2 Tagen
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    LOL oh sh*t thats so gangster 😎... dang i wish you played the original mj song but.. *copyright* 😒

    vor 7 Tagen
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    Awsome mod for someone whos turning los santos into L.A / Midnightclub la😎😎... I had a small issue that @StanBate58 , @JBeralva mentioned regarding the lapd logo outside turning into "lspd" logo soon after move away from the station..

    I Found out the file that needs to be rectified dt1_19_lod.ytd ... this had lspd logo that causes that issue (I just downloaded the png logo for lapd then used photoshop to replace logo over the old then removed the text coz i couldnt get the font right)

    but besides all that awesome Mod 😎

    25. November 2022
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    🍑nice booty cheeks🍑

    22. November 2022
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    lol i cant take the cop chases serious anymore.. I always get busted n loose everything from those 🍑🍑🍑

    16. November 2022
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    Im currently playing on a modded gta version 25.45 (Contract DLC), I simply modify the game in order to convert it from "Los Santos" to "Los Angles" therefore I downloaded this mod just for the realistic posters located inside the strip club (FILES LOCATED IN x64h).

    For some odd reason, that texture replacement broke the entire strip club... had to reinstall the game... I don't know what caused this, i think @Mayochiki saw the problem and gave a clear warning not to download (that should have been the red flag there)... my game had over 100mods before I downloaded this mod and everything worked perfectly. I see alot of players are complaining about the same issue, maybe an update might suffice.
    Mod definitely has potential

    9. November 2022
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    seatbelt mod deactivates every time i switch from current player to any of the 2 players... any solution on the matter?

    3. Oktober 2022
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    my boy Franklin has got mad munchies, its not realistic... every time i use the character he is always on the brink of death. I really like this mod, it should have been an added feature to the original to give it that san andreas feel. Please specify which figures need to be readjusted. this mod has potential

    29. September 2022
  • Ecedbf feat cannabis spot 2

    awesome mod😎😎 ... is there a feature where my character has an option to test a drug... i know you mustn't smoke your own supply IRL but i feel like weed is an exception... never really heard of someone who got addicted to that drug 🏝

    29. September 2022