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    Ok, this is good...but @Marksman is right, these need some tuning work. The Blista, as fast as it is, is still an internal combustion engine. It's not supposed to take off like an electric squirrel jacked-up on adderall.

    vor einem Tag
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    I always wanted to waste my life away in GTA.

    Oh wait.....

    vor 2 Tagen
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    @Ilikeeditingpolice01 You might be able to do that by messing with the dispatch.xml list. Not sure if it would put cops or civilians inside however. Also, you can just use Fenton's news maverick https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/buckingham-maverick-2nd-generation-add-on-liveries

    vor 4 Tagen
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    Ok, first off - please please PLEASE don't put directions/requests in your title. This is not Roblox, you have a description box for a reason.

    @Kingfunderburg If you are 'not smart when it comes to this' then explain that you don't understand the given directions. Your question sounded like you didn't bother to read it at all.

    What you do is you download the file and unzip it. If you don't know how to do that, then stop everything - that's a basic task a computer user should know, if you need to learn how then Google is your friend.

    Once you've unzipped it - the .XML file goes in your root GTA folder. Again, Google can help you find this. In that folder, you make a subfolder called scripts. You put the other files in there.

    You also need the linked map editor mod installed for this to work.

    And @LeXin11 - you could be a little nicer next time.

    vor 6 Tagen
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    @Dxnzer047 @technodrifter Technically you don't need to use them as add-ons. If you spawn one, you can then select it in Spooner and do two things.

    First: set as favorite. This will just make it easier to find later on.

    Second: set the "Entity is in Database" box. This will make sure the vehicle stays active even if you leave the area.

    Also, unrelated - a flying rustbucket is a brilliant idea for Sandy Shores, or for a submerged plane wreck.

    vor 7 Tagen
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    Oh god, I can hear the bells for 1010 wins already....

    vor 8 Tagen
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    So does this still have the existential bumper-bar issues the VW one has? :3

    vor 9 Tagen
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    Hey, which Annihilator tactical mod did you use for the rappelling? I've had issues with a few I've found.

    11. Juni 2018
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    10. Juni 2018
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    Ok, this is very cool.

    - This thing is HUGE. You stand on deck, birds pass your head.
    - For it's size it's surprisingly fast.
    - Despite all that it can still navigate the LS River..if you're so dementedly inclined.

    The bad:
    - The cargo. Hooo-boy, the cargo. Biggest issue? the large stack right near the wheelhouse floats in mid-air between platforms. Second biggest issue? Any collision against the ship will cause all cargo to lose its collision values and sink through the ship-body, lost to the waves.
    - The cargo's not lore friendly. It'd be nice if we could have krapea, fukaru, tenshun, etc. containers.
    - The damn things seem to be invincible. I dropped it from the UFO onto Zancudo, hammered it with an Akula, then blew away at the propeller with a stromberg. Nothing, nada.

    Also- @vendetta1969 - it will fit in the lake. It will also immediately ground itself on shore.

    10. Juni 2018