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  • 2df8bd photo2

    Good Stuff. Would you mind breaking this (undoubtedly huge) map into smaller pieces based on their map location? I am asking, because I wrote a script that dynamically loads and unloads menyoo and MapEditor maps during gameplay. This way we will be able to use many maps at the same time without using large amounts of cpu or memory and without the hassle of interrupting gameplay to load each map manually through map editor or menyoo. The "loader" can also assign AI to any peds found in the map (and some other cool stuff), will be released when I'm done testing it. I believe your work would be a really nice asset to use with the loader, but it kinda needs to be broken into a bunch of smaller pieces first :)

    In any case, looks like you did quite a bit of work on this one, so 5 stars even though I don't have the time to test it right now. If you can - I would appreciate it if you can break it into smaller pieces based on location.

    20. Juli 2016
  • 2df8bd photo2

    Impressive mod and coding. Sadly I won't be able to try this.
    I watched your videos though and it looks pretty cool :)

    15. Juli 2016
  • 2df8bd photo2

    Hey, nice work. Could you update your online YMAP Explorer to include the ymap for interiors? Especially the new dlc interior ymaps such as ex_dt1_02_office_02a, ex_sm_15_office_01b, and so on. That would allow us to map world coords to ymap interiors, which is a big unsolved problem at the moment. That would help a lot with interior mods! Thanks again, I hope you will update :)

    2. Juli 2016
  • 2df8bd photo2

    Looks great! I'm gonna wait for addon though.

    27. Juni 2016
  • 2df8bd photo2

    @Virtucon Could be useful for modders, but it needs some more information before I would use it. If you are up for it - here are some ideas: Information about Current Ped Tasks, Task Sequence Queue, Whether Ped is playing Scenario, Name of Scenario, Name of currently playing animation, Name of currently playing sounds... stuff like that! If a ped is alive, armed or injured I can usually tell just by looking at it :)

    25. Juni 2016