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    J button doesn't work for me either

    27. November 2015
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    @scorz Got it fixed win 10 i needed to go in to like applications/options
    And download speech packed.
    Thanks for help aswell!
    Great script

    7. November 2015
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    a ok hehe. yes but will check more region options

    7. November 2015
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    @scorz Dident work got the new log

    [21:26:27] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script 'speech_trainer.speech_trainer' because constructor threw an exception:
    System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'speech_trainer.speech_trainer' threw an exception. ---> System.ArgumentException: No recognizer of the required ID found.
    Parameter name: culture
    at System.Speech.Recognition.SpeechRecognitionEngine..ctor(CultureInfo culture)
    at speech_trainer.speech_trainer..cctor()
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
    at speech_trainer.speech_trainer..ctor()

    7. November 2015
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    @scorz A ok perfect thanks ill change that :)

    7. November 2015
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    ERROR] Failed to instantiate script 'speech_trainer.speech_trainer' because constructor threw an exception:
    System.TypeInitializationException: Typinitieraren för speech_trainer.speech_trainer utlöste ett undantag. ---> System.ArgumentException: Ingen tolk hittades för angivet ID.
    Parameternamn: culture
    vid System.Speech.Recognition.SpeechRecognitionEngine..ctor(CultureInfo culture)
    vid speech_trainer.speech_trainer..cctor()
    --- Slut på stackspårning för interna undantag ---
    vid speech_trainer.speech_trainer..ctor()


    ERROR] Failed to instantiate script ' speech_trainer.speech_trainer ' Because constructor threw an exception :
    System.TypeInitializationException : Typinitieraren for speech_trainer.speech_trainer triggered an exception. ---> System.ArgumentException : No interpreter was found for the specified ID .
    Parameter name : culture
    at System.Speech.Recognition.SpeechRecognitionEngine..ctor ( CultureInfo culture )
    at speech_trainer.speech_trainer..cctor ( )
    --- End of the stack trace for internal exception ---
    at speech_trainer.speech_trainer..ctor ( )

    7. November 2015
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    dosent work for me :( how do i get it working ?

    7. November 2015
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    If you encounter the location bug(where you cannot start a gang war), try changing "." to ",", or just delete the decimal parts in all the files.
    where to find that ? file name ?

    28. Oktober 2015
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    it is possible to add remote access radio ?

    23. Oktober 2015
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    Iam at work so cant test whats new in 2.7 ?!?!?! :D

    23. Oktober 2015