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    hi i need someone to load this on to my pc it will not work for me $?

    23. März 2022
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    hi i feel like ive loaded this wrong and tryed several times but ill keep trying if it is an active thing so is this up to date thank you!

    10. März 2022
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    I been actually just trying to get in to play and i am sure i am not alone..This is way to complicated needing all this and that , is it going to get any easyer..gta6 etc? I have been in FiveM (days&days),deleted!, all servers and i give up they are so ransid in applying wanting donations when others saying it is wrong .they cant even take the load ..discord not hooking up omg ...trying to add ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, and NativeUi etcetc come on serversides are fup'ed ..well i had enough bs even if trying to load this look @ the comments ...anyone? new load?

    18. April 2021