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    Whats a gta v root folder? non existent?

    12. Juli 2018
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    well....erm.....i moved the files into my scripts folder....
    Nothing happens?
    Downloaded the map editor nonsense just to get it, searched for the non existent pres file thingy, but then just nothing happened.

    12. Juli 2018
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    Any chance you could one day make the Mutant leader as a ped? I've been planning quite hard lately on making a short film of the fight scene from the animated movie, where batman fights him. I've pretty much got all the mods i need to start filming the project, including your fantastic batman ped (if thats ok?). But sadly there are absolutely no traces of the mutant leader ped anywhere on any mod site. I've been searching all over, but unless i find one im gonna have to make do with finding a similar looking character.

    11. Juli 2018