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    @oldnapalm thank you, I got the file https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gtbikev/courses/master/api/courses.json successful, but I didn't know whick folder should I put it in?

    24. April 2021
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    Dear all, I upgrade to, but I found no course in selection...What can I do to fix it? I remember many course can be selected beforce upgrade.

    13. März 2021
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    @oldnapalm yes. it can make car move but can't create bike...

    6. November 2020
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    @oldnapalm Vpower seems can't be used in version 0.4 because it can't creat a bike for MOD don't look it as a smart trainer,..........

    27. Oktober 2020
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    wish 4.0 to release;)

    13. September 2020
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    @oldnapalm, thank you, everything is ok after I move 3 files from GTAV folder. I didn't delete or modified the drivers of vjoy, so I think the touch racer with x360ce will work fine when I need play GTbike after I move 3 files back to folder.

    22. August 2020
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    @oldnapalm, I successfully use X360Ce and touch racer by guide to control bycicle turn left or ritht. But when I use joystick to play GTAV, I found it not work even I close X360CE, GTA only can be controled by Phone with touch racer. Seems GTA only set to be used by Vjoy but not real jostick. I check Windows setting for joystick, I found 2 device, one is real joystcik and one is Vjoy, I foud real jostick is default device but not fix....

    21. August 2020
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    @oldnapalm, could you kindly send the guide that how to make touch racer work with 360ce to lucaslan@163.com? I can't access facebook because vpn fail today. I remember see it in Facebook post by you. Thanks!

    18. August 2020
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    @Makinolo, thank you, I will do a screen capture video and upload to show you the issue. But it must be done after ScriptHookV update...because GTA5.exe update to 1.0.2060.0 and ScriptHookV is no update so I can't lauch game with ScriptHookV . How about you?

    12. August 2020
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    @oldnapalm, In my game, char woulnd't standup, he sitdown and gliding with no pedal....but I found it will continiu pedal even more than 40km/h when I use mouse to turn the angle of view. and it would back to issue when speed low than 40 and up to 40 again

    10. August 2020