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    The new update fixed the carrying issue for me. Thanks!

    15. September 2022
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    @agungmubarak1453 works great now! I've been playing for about 40 minutes on LSPDFR with no issues! Awesome job, dude!

    6. September 2022
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    @agungmubarak1453 Yes, it's multiplayer peds. I'm trying to use it with LSPDFR which uses mp peds. Whenever I try to propose using a mp peds, it throws an exception and kills the script.

    5. September 2022
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    Mod doesn't work with Rage or mp Peds, but it's a great concept in it's infancy. I've enjoyed using it with the main characters. `Nice job!

    4. September 2022
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    Amazing mod, man! It's been a lot of fun! Thanks!

    13. Juni 2022
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    @JAM102970, thanks for clearing that up for me! I was trying to hunt down the mod that was causing me to get wanted for getting into my persistence vehicle! I appreciate it!

    2. Februar 2022
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    Great mod! The only thing it needs is for the companion to have their own place and a sexual element. Also, when meeting up with the companion they tend to spawn in the middle of the street.

    20. Dezember 2021
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    @mcal9909 I use Dealean's "The Mob" mod and it completely breaks the missions and I fail. For instance there's a mission where you have to show up to escort truck being loaded with god knows what to a destination. The guy loading the truck becomes a customer or a drug dealer and runs off or walks around, thus breaking the mod. I show up to in another mission to do a pickup of an underboss, and he runs off to a drug dealer or becomes a drug dealer and doesn't get in the car to be escorted. It's okay if it's not an easy fix. I love your mod more than the other mods, so I simply removed them when I use your mod.

    31. Oktober 2021
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    @Whats a Username? No, the problem is the mission character becomes a drug dealer thus ruining other mods. Say you're using "The Mob" mod and you're supposed to go meet someone in one of the missions, when you get there one of the mission characters either becomes a drug dealer or a customer. It renders other mods with missions unplayable.

    30. Oktober 2021
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    I love this mod but it really interferes with other mods. For instance if I'm doing a mission for another mod, the character generated for the mission will become a drug dealer or customer and ruin it by generating errors. Maybe we should be able to toggle the mod on and off. Don't get me wrong, this is my favorite mod.

    26. Oktober 2021