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Lore Friendly Wheels Pack [Add-On] 1.5

Have you ever wondered:
"Those Mamba wheels would look great on my Tampa!"
"I wish that I could apply stock wheels to the all cars!"
Are you a freak, just like me and can't stand the non-lore friendly mods?
Or maybe you just want more rims?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is mod for you!

This modification adds 150+ lore friendly wheels, converted from various vehicles found in GTA V that have stock-unique rims, as well as few edited vanilla wheels!

Initial release

Added few wheels
Corrected some sidewalls
Fixed some bugs


1.Create "vanillawheels" folder in \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2.Put dlc.rpf included
3.Add line found in the Read Me file to the dlclist.xml (\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)
4.Open your game and enjoy :)

For any additional information please refer to the Read Me file.


Models: Rockstar Games
Editing: Me
Additional Editing: _CP_
Add-on Base: I'm Not MentaL
Photos and beta testing: Boywond, ❤ and MK Ultra
Special thanks: DA7K

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  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka
    Fixierter Kommentar

    V1.5 is waiting for admin approval!

    Due to popular demand this update adds a looot of deep dish wheels (as well as few other, but mainly the dishes).
    I had to put half of them in Tuners category, because I hit the limit of possible wheels in one section.

    I also started updating the sidewalls. I actually finished the Tuners section, but due unknown bug that causes crashing it will be added later.

    I hope that you will enjoy this update!

    vor 3 Tagen
  • Default


    vor 4 Tagen
  • Gtao60

    Now it's my favorite!

    vor 3 Tagen
  • Default

    ROCKSTAR should take some lessons at making wheels for cars cause these wheels are just perfect

    vor 3 Tagen
  • 629501 ivan moon foto.256x256

    What's the Lamborghini here? Can u give me a link please?

    vor 3 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @MASTAX That's the Pegassi Reaper from Iimport/Export update...

    Also could you explain why 4 stars?

    vor 3 Tagen
  • 629501 ivan moon foto.256x256

    @MGgames100 all screenshots are beautiful, but u haven't any videos which can explain us how it looks in-game

    vor 3 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @MASTAX I will make a video later today...

    vor 3 Tagen
  • 8ada4c avatar61111 2.gif

    @MGgames100 Hey this looks interesting,i might give it a try.Say,are the stock Rims from both BF Surfers included?Cause i really like them and would love to swap them or put them on other Cars.
    Also,i usually use Sjaaks Simple rainer,is this Trainer compatible with your Mod?

    vor 2 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Chris W. There are only clean Surfer's wheels. I had problems with the ones from Rusty version, but I will add them in the future. As for the trainer, it's compatible.

    vor 2 Tagen
  • Gtao56

    @MGgames100 It seems to have incompatibilities with Open Interiors (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors).
    An exception occurs when you start the game.

    The game starts but Open Interios does not work.

    Here is the ScriptHook log:
    [20:48:29] CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'OpenInteriors.asi' (0x00007FFE832FB950), id 32

    vor 2 Tagen
  • Dbe15f avatar

    Since this is about wheels, there is one minor thing I'd love you to look into. It doesn't have anything to do with this mod, actually, but still. The thing is, the Bobber wheel that can be installed on motorbikes is slightly different from all the others. The one in the front is slightly narrower than all the others and is slightly shifted to the right, while the rear one has a different tire profile. Kinda incostistent. If you please looked into them, It would be awesome.

    vor 2 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Zerox_alpha It's not my mods fault. OAI is known for crashing. I can't do s*it. Did you follow the instructions made by NewTheft on his pinned comment? If it still crashes, deleted either my mod or his.

    vor 2 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Claude_Lib I will see if I can do with that, but I don't promise anything...

    vor 2 Tagen
  • 476767 spotlight games

    @MGgames100 If you love this mod, you'll REALLY want this one https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sprayshop-car-colour-selection-custom-crew-colour-editor it does for paint what this mod does to wheels, even colors not normally available in Los Santos Customs, including Worn and Utility colors.

    On to my actual comment, I LOVE YOU! I love lore-friendly mods.

    vor 2 Tagen
  • Gtao08

    You the real MVP

    vor 2 Tagen
  • Gtao56

    @MGgames100 Yes, loadMultiplayerMap = 0 solved it.

    Anyway fyi, I used OAI without any problems. When I put your mod the game gave the exception. If I remove your mod the game starts without problems.

    Thank you.

    vor einem Tag
  • 8ada4c avatar61111 2.gif

    @MGgames100 Okay,i tried your Mod and i have to say,i absolutely love it :D
    Look what i did with the Wheels from the clean Surfer Van...


    Say,is there a Chance we can combine the Lore friendly Rims from your Mod with the Custom Tyres from the Game sometime?Like that i can for example combine Redline Tyres with your Stock Rims?
    Anyway,great Work you did there.I`m also using a Mod that randomly spawns stock and customized Versions of various DLC Cars and some of them also used the Wheels from your Mod Pack.

    vor einem Tag
  • 79844b mr man square

    I haven't downloaded the mod yet, but I love you.

    11 hours ago
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Chris W. The Custom wheels are possiblity, but only after I update all of the tires.

    5 hours ago
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