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Lore Friendly Wheels Pack [Add-On] 1.75

Have you ever wondered:
"Those Mamba wheels would look great on my Tampa!"
"I wish that I could apply stock wheels to the all cars!"
Are you a freak, just like me and can't stand the non-lore friendly mods?
Or maybe you just want more rims?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is mod for you!

This modification adds 250+ lore friendly wheels, converted from various vehicles found in GTA V that have stock-unique rims, as well as few edited vanilla wheels!

Initial release

Added few wheels
Corrected some sidewalls
Fixed some bugs

Even more deep dish wheels
Corrected even more sidewalls
Fixed some more bugs


1.Create "vanillawheels" folder in \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2.Put dlc.rpf included
3.Add line found in the Read Me file to the dlclist.xml (\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)
4.Open your game and enjoy :)

For any additional information please refer to the Read Me file.


Models: Rockstar Games
Editing: Me
Additional Editing: _CP_
Add-on Base: I'm Not MentaL
Photos and beta testing: Boywond, ❤ and MK Ultra
Special thanks: DA7K

Zuerst hochgeladen: 19. April 2017
Letztes Update: 5. Mai 2017
Last Downloaded: 3 hours ago

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132 Kommentare

  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka
    Fixierter Kommentar

    V1.75 is pending.

    Some more deep dishes & fixes.

    I would kindly appreciate any kind of feedback. Aswell as some ideas if you have any.

    5. Mai 2017
  • Bd1d04 untitled 1

    Noise wheels, please make more!!

    7. Mai 2017
  • Gtao01

    I've been waiting for something like this. R* never adds wheels, the last ones they added were the ugly Benny's Lowrider ones, that's it. Amazing work, man.

    7. Mai 2017
  • A76cea profpic

    GTA crashes after i install this mod why?

    8. Mai 2017
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Dragust OpenIV log please.

    8. Mai 2017
  • B41b00 rb

    hey! i think you should add more rims with tires like the ones that have the trophy trucks and maybe add some new rims to GTA V? GTA needs some 4 spoke japanese retro rims and some COSMIS S1!

    9. Mai 2017
  • 1fc9e2 tiger

    Hey I have some ideas for you! Is there a way we could talk?

    13. Mai 2017
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @artistraaw GTAF or here.
    @kermanRB12 I will see what I can do.

    vor 10 Tagen
  • 1fcc35 hail fire desktop final

    Can you add the Coquette BlackFin's wheels in?

    vor 9 Tagen
  • Default

    These Wheels are SICK! LOVE IT *__* can i use them in a Video? :o

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 6b01ad profilo 2017 2 5

    @MGgames100 Slick racing tires? Excelent mod btw :D

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Hellsinger222 Already are.
    @Zio Ark What do you mean? @DarksiderPsycho Yup.

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 6b01ad profilo 2017 2 5

    @MGgames100 I'd like to see more wheels with the texture of the tires like in the cunning stunts vehicles (slick tires, smooth, dunno how to say it better)

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Zio Ark Kinda impossible. They use different vehshare (texture). You can't set which one game should use for the wheels, but you can for cars...
    I don't want to edit vehshare, thus no slick tires.

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 6b01ad profilo 2017 2 5

    @MGgames100 Alright :(
    Is it mandatory to use the vehshare? I know that in Zmodeler you can put the texture right into the yft file

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 9c77f3 logo iv dinka

    @Zio Ark Yes. As I said the game only reads textures from vehshare and I don't want to edit it.
    It isn't impossible, but I'm too lazy to do so.

    vor 8 Tagen
  • D2fb78 capture

    @MGgames100 Can you maybe take the Monstertruck wheels and resize so we can put them on other cars aswell?

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 6b01ad profilo 2017 2 5

    @MGgames100 You're right

    vor 8 Tagen
  • 7815ac hpim0642

    @Dragust Getting the same. Not sure why

    @MGgames100 my recent OpenIV log https://pastebin.com/J4KqgmMy

    vor 7 Tagen
  • 1fcc35 hail fire desktop final

    What is the name of the Coquette BlackFin's wheels?

    vor 4 Tagen
  • Default

    Great wheels!

    I was wondering if you could add this rim in the next update:

    They're from the GTA IV EFLC Stinger, but aren't available in GTA V. There is, however, a very similar rim in GTA V, so maybe you could edit it?
    Alternatively, I can send you the original GTA IV wheel file, but that would require converting to GTA V.

    Either way, great mod!

    vor 4 Tagen
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