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Obey DD-BLITZ [Add-On | Tuning | Livery] 1.0 hotfix


Not really cheap, not really expensive... even at OBEY they don't know what it is. It can go offroad or it can drive fast with this powerfull Inline V6 engine with OMNIS 4WD system. We could say anything, you would trust it because you don't even know what it means. We neither. So what it is? Who cares! But for real marketing purpose, OBEY targets only old rich guys that want to get a blowjob by a beautiful young lady while driving to shut her mouth when she enjoys her new diamond ring. Well ! The world isn't perfect and there are still assholes on the road. They drive an Obey. Sometimes a DD.

6th mod of team Ydrop
Main work: player 2
Some parts by player 1

Installation instructions in the readme, thanks and credits in the archive.

SPAWN NAME: doubled
You can find it in the Sports class

you like iconic car? this car is for you !
you like stance? this car is for you too.
you like racing? this car is also for you...
you like rally? i bet you've guess....
you like off road? well you know now.....

Any resemblance to real vehicles shouldn't be accidental

Usage of Vstancer is highly recommended (for the widebody, and for the rally/trophy builds)
About the Trophy build.. Due to the fact the parts are "last minutes made" and not planned a first, the grill/splitter/diffuser categories will clash.
Also some of the roll cage option will clash with the wheels rack, be careful (the ones with cross bars behind the rear windscreen)
At least, the RabbitMissil part are designed to come together (especialy the splitter)

- working dial, with all dash signal
- full custom interrior paintable with interrior paint
- more than 270 tuning part
- livery support
- LODS (even if it useless to go more than L1 on this sort of parking car mods)
- dirt map
- Breakable glass (but, dont do this. it's not fair.)
- full custom engine "lore vr6"
- colorable and shacking "car freshner" on interrior mirror is an extra
- animated engine belt tuning option
- somes custom rims are inclued
- a cool Obey DD documentetion, based on the official Audi TT 8N doc
- working engine fan
- working fan on intercooler engine tuning
- breakable mirror

- 4 menyoo presets
DD facelift
DD sport (visible in Obey DD doc)
DD OMNIS EDITION (visible in Obey DD doc)
DD 3F Package (visible in Obey DD doc)

All of them use tuning parts, and upgraded statmods (accurate to the range they are supposed to be)

enjoy, and remember to respect driving restriction in your contry

special thanks to SilentSoul21 for the DD sketch he made for us!

- Release

1.0 Hotfix (not a must have, but it's here)
- Updated a livery
- re managed one categorie for better use of one of the tuning part ( the side vents can now be used without the rear windscreen scoop)
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