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Ubermacht Sentinel Custom (Tuners and Outlaws)



The Vanilla Six Star Crew Sentinel Custom adding to the Tuners and Outlaws cars featuring a custom built widebody kit including the arches, splitter, rear diffuser, ducktail spoiler and original SSC Pentus VI wheels.

Watch the showcase video: https://youtu.be/rvkZixqTz4I

Spawn the vehicle with a trainer using the model name: sentinel

- Open Open IV.
- Open the .rar file.
- Drop contents of the "Model" folder into:
- Drop contents of the "Mods" folder into:

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Letztes Update: 13. Mai 2017
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20 Kommentare

  • Gtao44

    very nice

    13. Mai 2017
  • 3cb561 dumb face

    Really like this, but why do you never make your cars into addons?

    13. Mai 2017
  • 8b8f1c

    awesome car but add-on version?

    13. Mai 2017
  • Gtao61

    just wow

    13. Mai 2017
  • Ab8d8a roundel of thailand

    Do you have any plans on doing a widebody lowered pickup? Like minitruck style?

    13. Mai 2017
  • Default

    @Gamerjman19 yeah he does, the revolution is and im not sure if the widebody comet is

    13. Mai 2017
  • Gtao01

    This looks amazing! Great work! Love your other mods too. I didn't download it yet (as I hate replacing vehicles) but I sure will when the addon's ready! 5 stars now though, as I don't doubt the quality of your work :)

    13. Mai 2017
  • Default

    i can't wait for your rim pack

    14. Mai 2017
  • 52dad9 54223417 p0

    I want Rockstar do this for GTA Online. Look Amazing! ;)

    14. Mai 2017
  • Default

    very nice.Hope to have the add type

    14. Mai 2017
  • Gtao44

    i really like that widebody tempesta ! looks amazing
    Will be available for download?

    14. Mai 2017
  • Default


    14. Mai 2017
  • Default

    Это хорошо,что ты показываешь все "прелести" тюнинга на вроде столь "не взрачного" авто.Интересно,а как дела обстоят с графикой салона?

    14. Mai 2017
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @GTAWiseGuy cars like this one really need an Add-On version, or, at least, make the widebody kit a mod/extra.
    Now every Sentinel in traffic is a Widebody, and ,while the car is nice to look at, it doesn't look well being parked at every corner.

    If you want to make sure its available in the streets I'm working on a script that injects add-on vehicles in traffic, but please, fix this.

    15. Mai 2017
  • 8b8f1c

    @Eddlm I think the same.... this car really need an Add-on...

    15. Mai 2017
  • Default

    Can't wait for the addon version!

    16. Mai 2017
  • 523da3 14455738 1401546136542230 83246875 o

    Waiting for addon version as this looks like a really quality mod

    25. Mai 2017
  • 7bb942 ch42vx1xaaaeo9l

    Waiting patiently for the add on bruv @gtawiseguy

    27. Mai 2017
  • 8b8f1c

    add on please waiting patiently too... 5*

    1. Juni 2017
  • Dbaafe asdasdadasda

    Addooon pleaase ;-;

    2. Juni 2017
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