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YCA Pack Handling


Camaro ZL1:

This handling is as close to real life as I could get it so it's quite grippy but if you push it with the throttle at lower speeds it will slide.

0-60: 4s
0-100: 8.4s
0-150: 20.1s
Top Speed: 190mph
Weight: 1869kg

Aventador LP700:

The Aventador is quite slidey for an AWD car but it's not bad, the oversteer makes it fun but the AWD makes it so you don't die all the time.

0-60: 2.7s
0-100: 5.7s
0-150: 13s
Top Speed: 235mph
Weight: 1575kg


This has a little less grip than the FXXK but drives quite similarly in that it's got a lot of grip at high speed but wheelspins a lot at lower speeds.

0-60: 2.7s
0-100: 4.5s
0-150: 8.5s
Top Speed: 245mph
Weight: 1350kg


This one was quite awkward to do because the wing actually does something meaning for the same drag and power, you'd get far less top speed but with the same traction you'd get a lot more grip when the wing's up. I have managed to work around it so it is quite similar to the LaFerrari but there is a bit more grip.

0-60: 2.8s
0-100: 4.9s
0-150: 10s
Top Speed: 233mph
Weight: 1395kg

Nismo GTR:

This car isn't particularly good on top speed but the low speed acceleration is pretty good. It handles very well though, the rear never steps out and there's hardly any understeer, it just grips.

0-60: 3s
0-100: 7.3s
0-150: 16.7s
Top Speed: 200mph
Weight: 1720kg

Full credit for the model pack goes to YCA-RE. Download the model files from https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2013-camaro-zl1-yca-addon-car-pack-yca-re.

Installation instructions in Read Me.
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