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TETRA MET British Radio Walkie Talkie Police Scanner 1.0 [BETA]


NOTE! It's worth backing up your folder contents to another folder as these files will overwrite everything with the same file names!

v1.0 BETA: Audio problems with distortion and quietness now fixed. Tiny bug with popping between audio conjunctives still there though.


v0.7: After all the problems with audio, I think I've finally managed to fix it. It's a little quiet and there is some popping between audio conjunctives, but it's now functional!

I will be boosting the volume at some point in the future.

If you're interested with working with me on this mod, please feel free to leave me a comment.


v0.6: This was going to be a huge update for the mod as I re-recorded every single sound file in one session, meaning consistent and more fluent callout audio. However, the problem with LSPDFR boosting the audio to the point where it's barely recognisable is still a massive problem. I work in media, so I'm aware of what's needed to have good audio (with earlier downloads, it was working perfectly) however, with these new audio files, despite them all conforming to at least -0.3db, it still sounds horrible.

So yeah, it's not loud this time but most of it isn't really audible. I've wondered if it's something to do with 32-bit WAV encoding or maybe even the project rate (as the actual GTA V files are 16000Hz instead of 41000. Although that didn't seem to be a problem with my earlier recordings.)

Getting very baffled by this now.

Pls help.

In the meantime, please enjoy the new pack!


v0.5: Did a massive overhaul on the voice pack today, shortening phrases and removing empty spaces to allow for faster and more fluent speech. Further audio normalisation and filtering.

Mostly cosmetic audio changes, more plugins to come!


v0.4: Yet another update? And the same day?!

Added support for BetterEMS, BritishPolicingScript and Crazy CalloutsV5.6!

The points from the last post still apply. Anything you guys want to be changed or added can be requested below!



Jesus, it's been 7 months? Well here is a (sort of) highly requested batch of replacement files, including newer official cuckoo police tetra sounds.

v0.3: Voiced and recorded for a few extra plugins: ASSORTED CALLOUTS, CALLOUTSV, Code Red Callouts and WILDERNESS CALLOUTS.

This is not perfect, so please submit anything I can fix! Might be a few un-normalised files, but there are many and currently haven't had time to click through every single one. Sorry that I can't accept any modifications to the actual GTA files themselves.

And please suggest more plugins I can get to work on doing. Sorry about the long hiatus.

Also this build features a bit of junk (hence the larger file size) which will be fixed in the next update. It's 1am here. I'm tired.

If anyone wants to volunteer to do voice acting, I'm happy to work with people!



v0.2: Voiced and recorded all of the locations. Fixed the problem where the "over" voice message wouldn't load properly. Additionally removed the "uhhh" pauses that were in the original files and I copied. Callouts are far more fluent now.


Original recordings of British Police Control communicating with the player. For use with LSPDFR v0.31 for the basic plugin.

Missing a few voice files and hasn't touched the in-game files but will update at some point. Covers all of the basic callouts.

Going to eventually change "Your location" to each of the individual locations but that was too much for me to do in one night. Los Santos International Airport has been changed to Heathrow East and West, however.

Additionally, I'm going to remove the pause the callout does when they read out the location. "in... uh.......... your location" sounds a little weird.

Changes soon :)

Recorded by myself (voice and editing) on Audio Technica USB AD2020 using real output from Motorola XT420 Walkie Talkies.
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