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LorePlates - Add-on Plates for Leonida, Liberty, Alderney, and North Yankton 2.2


LorePlates version 2.2 by FoodSandwich


Version 2.2 (July 2024)
- Based on feedback from the survey, the non-rusty plates are now installed by default, with the rusty versions being made optional.
- Added optional plates for the (very popular) fanon state of Robada, based on Nevada.
- Changed the Latin motto on the 2020 Liberty plate from "Inferior" to "Sordidior" (Dirtier). "Inferior" is also an English word so it wasn't a very clever joke imo.

Version 2.01 (Mar 18 2024):
- Fixed one of the optional rustless textures, which was previously bugged and wouldn't import into OpenIV.

Version 2.0 (Mar 2024):
- Added a whoopin' TWELVE plates for the new state of Leonida! They're based on real-life Florida plates, with four of them resembling plates seen in the GTA VI trailer. I didn't include EVERY Florida plate from 1960-present because there are too damn many of them, so I chose 12 of the most visually-distinct ones.
- Miniscule changes to some plates: HD versions of older San Andreas plates given more-accurate bevels and normal maps. "AUG" on the HD 2004 Yankton plate adjusted to look more like the original. Small tweaks to stickers on vintage Liberty plates.
- Added some new extras which can be installed manually. (Leonida County plates, 1956 SA plate, and a rusty 1960 SA plate)

Version 1.2 (Dec 2023):
- Small update that fixes the installers, so the mod now works with the GTA Online Chop Shop DLC.

Version 1.1 (June 2023):
- added HD versions (1024x512) of all of the plates, including the six vanilla plates.
- added .oiv installers for both the HD and Standard Res plates. Manual installation is still included.
- changed all abbreviations for Liberty State from LB to its canon abbreviation LI (per Beseecher.net).


The default San Andreas license plates in GTAV are based on the standard issue California plates from the past sixty years. LorePlates is a collection of additional license plates from the same timespan, for the four other fictional states in the GTA Universe: Leonida, Liberty, Alderney, and North Yankton. (based on Florida, New York, New Jersey, and North Dakota respectively). Each plate in this pack is a painstaking recreation of a real-life counterpart, combined with a conscious effort to emulate Rockstar's satire. If Leonida, Liberty, Alderney, and North Yankton were fully accessible in GTAV, then LorePlates is an estimation of the kind of plates Rockstar would make for these regions.


You will need OpenIV and a trainer to use this mod.
OpenIV can be found at: openiv.com
Simple Trainer can be found at: gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav


1) Start up OpenIV.

2) Go to Tools --> Package Installer, and select one of the two .oiv installers.
- HD will install plates with 1024x512 pixel resolution. It also updates the original 6 plates to HD versions. I recommend this version because the image compression is far less noticeable.
- Standard Res will install plates with 256x128 pixel resolution, matching the ones from the vanilla game.
- if you want to try the other version, just run the other installer and it will overwrite the previous files.
- IF YOU HAVE OTHER LICENSE PLATE MODS INSTALLED: use the manual installation (in the aptly named 'manual installation' folder)

3) Start up GTA5 and enjoy! Use your trainer to change your vehicle's license plates to the new ones.


- Five "Robada" plates based off Nevada plates. Robada is not Rockstar canon but is a widely accepted among fans as a name for lore Nevada. (v 2.2)
- Ultra-rusty version of the black (1963) San Andreas plate (suggestion by Dock-6).
- Yellow San Andreas plate, based off of the California plates from 1956.
- 2003 Leonida plates for the three confirmed counties in GTA 6: Vice-Dale, Leonard, and Kelly. Based off of the Florida plates that have the county name on the bottom.

- Rusty versions of many of the older 60's and 70's plates made for this mod. These were originally installed by default because I thought the rust made these plates look more interesting, but due to popular demand (and a change of opinion) they have been relegated to extras.
- Non-rusty version of the vanilla Yankton plate.
- More-accurate version of the 80's San Andreas plate, which more-closely resembles the 1982 California plate than the default one that Rockstar made.


You are free to modify these to your heart's content. You may also use these in your multiplayer servers, IF you can get them to work (afaik FiveM doesn't support streaming carcols.ymt at this time).

You may redistribute and reupload this, but only if I am credited. I also ask that you don't involve this mod in any lootboxes or form of microtransaction. I can't stop you, but I will shake my head at you disapprovingly. People don't want to pay money to play games. Especially not in these trying times.


- WildBrick142 for the extremely helpful documentation on carcols files.
- Felix Bartling (Reditec) for creating OpenIV Package Creator.
- WorldLicensePlates.com for being a fantastic resource on real-world license plates.
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