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MP Male Clothing for Franklin (CJ) 1.0


Warning: be sure to have back up your files!!!!!
instruction :"Use OpenIV click on Edit mode"
to replace all files, open the folder with gta5, find x64v.rpf you can have it in the root directory or mods folder.
(X:\GTA5\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one) or (X:\GTA5\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one)

version 0.1
added unbuttoned baseball Sweatshirt with 6 types of color
added hand hands werewolf with 2 types of color
added T-shirt for shirts stretched with 15 types of color

version 0.2
added pants x2
bonus clothes
test clothes

version 0.3
added 7 masks model with textures
added 1 jacket with textures
added one pair of shoes (sneakers with spikes I think this is proper name)

version 0.4
added Bulletproof Vest with 4 textures(torso trevor with skin for Franklin (CJ)required for correct work)(if you don't want to see imperfections between the neck and torso use trainer and select in trainer shirt/jacket position 8)
added jeans lowraider with 2 textures
added shawl motorcyclist with 3 textures
added shirt similar cj shirt gta sa with 16 textures
added test goggles motorcyclist with 8 textures
added torso trevor with skin for Franklin (CJ) (for vest from male mp)
added vest from male mp with 6 textures ( torso trevor with skin for Franklin (CJ) required for correct work)(if you don't want to see imperfections between the neck and torso use trainer and select in trainer shirt/jacket position 8)

version 0.5
added arms without torso
added Chest
added fullcap mp with 10 textures
added 3 models hairstyles with 18 textures
added pants with 6 textures
added polo t-shirt lowraider with 16 textures
added one pair of shoes with 6 textures
added t-shirt lowraider with 5 textures

version 0.6
added blue rubber gloves
added chest mp male you can choose what chest want use
added one pair mask with 5 textures
added 4 pair pants with 21 textures
added two model Shawl Neck with textres
added one pair shirt with 5 textures
added two pair shoes with 3 textures
added torso mp male you can choose what torso want use
added vest v2 with 6 textures (look better with torso mp male)

version 0.7
added one pair gloves with 5 textures
added one hair with 5 textures
added hands mp male
added hoodie with 25 textures (import export)
added two pair jacket with 42 textures
added two pair masks 12 textures (import export)
added one pair pants with 11 textures (import export)
added one pair shoes for feet006 v2 with 12 textures (import export)
bonus clothes*
*added Bulletproof Vest for torso Franklin with 5 textures
* added flip-flops with socks Lamar for Franklin (CJ) (this is Lamar's flip-flops with socks I removed his shorts (patchday3ng)

version 0.8
added Addon textures (4 head(face CJ), 2 textures cap(fullcap), 2 textures uppr011 hoodie (like old gta sa))
added bag predatory mp/Michael
added costume like breaking bad
added handcuffs
added heist mask with textures
added Police Uniform
added torso mp v2
added v1 MP 5 chains accessories

version 0.9
added bandana
added costumes import/export & biker
added motorcycle helmet
added two types of caps

version 1.0
This version is for use with the "[EMFsp] Easy Mod Folder for SP Player Mods".
It contains almost everything that is in the previous versions, in addition I have added many new variants of existing clothes.

If You want, you can rename file names and replace existing clothes Franklin's.

If you don't like texture chosen by me, you can choose at its own style e.g.:
or if you don't use mod folder:

Sorry for poor English. English isn't my native language.

HeySlickThatsMe: For helping with previous version (0.1-0.4).

almico (Alec Courtney): for permission to use his "[BETA]" files from the time of the Franklin version

Troublesome96: for files bandana around neck and necklaces Lamar's

Big thanks for Gabriel Augusto (gabrielaugusto ) which create a tutorial how to convert files clothes.
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