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Real Airbag Suspension (w/ Gamepad Support) 2.1.2



Should work with update 1.0.678.1, and up to the Gunrunning update. Might work all the way back to update 1.0.335.2, but it is not tested.
**You MUST run GTA 5 as Administrator or you will get an error!**

What is it?
This is now real on-the-fly suspension editing with custom sounds for lowering and raising your suspension. Keyboard and Gamepad support. Customize-able keys and buttons.

Check out @ikt's VStancer for in-game Camber, Track width, and Suspension height editing, complete with multiple preset saving and loading :)

The pre-2.0 versions of this script are like @ImNotMental's VStanced, @ikt's Slam It mod , and the feature of the same name in MAFINS' Menyoo mod menu. You can still use this method if you want by disabling the new system in the ini settings.

- Choose between on-the-fly handling.meta suspension editing or fake/simulated suspension editing.
Note: You can actually set your default suspension with the real/handling.meta suspension editing, then modify it further with the simulated suspension editing.
- Choose 2 custom sounds that will play when you raise or lower your vehicle's suspension.
- Customize the volume of each sound to your liking, or disable it completely.
- Customize the speed at which your suspension changes. A lower number makes for a smoother animation.
- Enable or disable my Automated Suspension Adjustment system (only for the simulated suspension editing). This system changes your suspension as you drive, depending on conditions such as steering angle and speed.

-Updated for Gunrunning (1.0.1103.2) update
-Added following options in ini settings:
> Disable Vehicle Ducking when changing suspension
> Fix vehicle mechanically when suspension is changed
> Clean vehicle when suspension is changed
> Show Suspension Value Subtitle (useful if you want to know the exact fSuspensionRaise value for the handling.meta)

-Quick fix for those that have the newest build of SHVDotNet.

-Updated for the Import/Export update (1.0.994.2)
-Some background stuff

Real on-the-fly suspension editing! Credits go to ikt for his Real Time Handling Editor source (and for personally helping me!) and to leftas for his vehicle struct research!
You can still use the pre-2.0 suspension editing along with the ASA System if you so please.
Of course, all the custom sounds will work with this "new" system.
Lastly, the mod should now work properly with PCs that are using a non-QWERTY keyboard layout.
Couple issues with on-the-fly suspension editing:
- In order to force the game to recognize the suspension changes, I had to use the Repair Vehicle function. So your vehicle will be repaired whenever you edit the suspension.
- The above mentioned workaround may still not work if your vehicle has never touched anything with its body. If you hear the suspension sound but don't see any changes, try driving into a wall or another vehicle.
- When there is a new GTA 5 update, this mod will most likely have to be updated to work with that new update. However, you will still be able to use the old suspension system.
- See the Notes section below for more info.

-Added ability to have a separate sound for raising the suspension.
-Added more settings in the ini file pertaining to sound and volume control.
-Fixed bug where after using a vehicle with a modified suspension, the next vehicle you use will suddenly have the same suspension value.
-Added a couple of different sounds you can choose from. You can easily try each of them by writing the filename into the appropriate ini setting.
-Please delete the AirbagSuspension.mp3 file if you were using an older version of this mod, it was moved into the AirbagSuspensionSounds folder and renamed.

Added different speeds for raising and lowering suspension.
Added setting to enable/disable Engine Power and Torque multipliers, in case you want to use a trainer to do that.
Your last vehicle will keep the suspension changes even when outside the vehicle.
Fixed a bug where the hiss sound will continue to play if you exit the vehicle while lowering the suspension.

Added air/hiss sound when lowering suspension.
Added Automated Suspension Adjustment system:
- When suspension is lowered, suspension will slowly increase depending on your steering angle, which will temporarily give you normal handling and allow you to drift normally.
- When suspension is lowered, suspension will slowly increase when beginning a motorcycle wheelie.
- When suspension is raised, suspension will slowly decrease to normal temporarily when you start moving (between 1 - 10 KMPH or 0.6 to 6 MPH, approximately), in order to give a slight speed boost.
- When suspension is raised, suspension will slowly decrease to normal temporarily when handbraking.
- When suspension is raised, suspension will slowly decrease to normal temporarily when doing sharp turns on a motorcycle.
Added ini setting for the following:
- Suspension Control Speed (How fast your suspension changes)
- Max and Min offsets for Suspension (how high/low you can set the suspension)
- Toggle for the ASA System
- Volume controls (can set to 0 to disable volume)

First release. Simple ability to raise or lower your vehicle's suspension.

Controls - all modifiable in the ini!
-For Keyboards-
Raise Suspension: T
Lower Suspension: Y
Reset Suspension: U

-For Gamepads-
Xbox-type controllers
Raise Suspension: X + Leftstick UP
Lower Suspension: X + Leftstick DOWN
Reset Suspension: X + A

Playstation-type controllers
Raise Suspension: Square (☐) + Leftstick UP
Lower Suspension: Square (☐) + Leftstick DOWN
Reset Suspension: Square (☐) + Cross (X)

Notes about the real/on-the-fly suspension system
- Raising the suspension too high can make your vehicle roll over easily when turning at certain speeds. (obviously)
- You cannot edit the suspension of motorcycles (I did not thoroughly test this, however). Use the old/fake suspension system if you'd like to do that.
- Lowering the suspension too low will make the wheels act weirdly, and you will not be able to drive. Use the Reset Suspension key/button to return your suspension to normal.
- Lowering the suspension to a certain point will make the vehicle very drifty. Not sure how to fix this, if it's even something that needs fixing.
- Since this on-the-fly method involves editing the handling.meta in the game memory, all vehicles that are the same model will have the suspension changes. Ex: if you raise the suspension of a banshee, all banshees will have the same suspension.

Notes about the older/"fake" suspension system
-The vehicle becomes easier to turn the lower the suspension is, but the ASA system will adjust your suspension to the default handling the longer you turn.
-Some vehicles become really "drifty" (see the video) when you raise the suspension too much, some just outright slide. The ASA system will make it much easier to turn when you use the handbrake.
-Motorcycles can do it too! A low suspension makes turning really quick (unrealistically), but raising the suspension can work pretty well. Of course, the ASA system will adjust your suspension accordingly.

Planned Features
- Add seperate suspension adjustments for the front and back of a vehicle. Suggested by @imyluck Update: Might be possible; anyone know how it is done in the handling.meta file?

- Add scraping sounds and sparks when suspension is really low. Suggested by @friedSOY This is possible, but I am having a hard time locating the in-game sound and fx for this. If anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Place the "scripts" folder in your GTA V directory where GTA5.exe is located

Credits to ElyZium for the idea, for beta testing, and for finding the first custom sound! Of course, credits to whoever recorded/created the sound.
Credits to Remix for certain suggestions and testing as well.
For the on-the-fly suspension editing method, credits go to ikt for his Real Time Handling Editor source (and for personally helping me!) and to leftas for his vehicle struct research!

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  • Gtao62

    @FreezIn Try damaging your car by crashing into something. Sometimes a newly spawned car does not show the suspension changing until doing so, no idea why. Sorry for the late reply, I don't get a notification if I'm not tagged.

    11. Mai 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1


    Is there a reversible way to repair and clean a vehicle?

    That is, instead of repairing, it damages it in 0.001% only mechanically or visually.

    Then you could create a "spoil" of the keys to "activate" the mod instead of smashing your car against the wall.

    11. Mai 2017
  • Gtao62

    @Remix Yeah but the thing is you only need to do this rarely, only ever happens if you just spawned a car and tried to change the suspension without driving. Even driving around for a few moments will fix the issue, at least for me.

    11. Mai 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1


    And if so fool the game?

    Now it works like this:

    Square (☐) + Cross (X) = Reset Suspension + FIX / CLEAN car.

    If you change this for:

    Square (☐) + Cross (X) = Suspension Reset + Vehicle Damage as low as possible for a very short time / fraction of seconds eg 0.001s + FIX / CLEAN car.

    Thanks to this, everyone who has a problem with the lack of suspension can press Square (☐) + Cross (X) to reset the suspension and it will fix the suspension effect and activate the modifications.

    Square (☐) + Cross (X) worked like = Reset Suspension + fix mod + fix / clean car.

    I do not know if it's possible to shake the idea of paper into action and real work.

    11. Mai 2017
  • Gtao62

    @Remix Ah I did not understand what you meant earlier. It is a good idea, similar to what I've tried before (tiny damage but without repair so that it is not noticeable), but it did not work. But back then, I was not using the function correctly (the damage value has to be VERY HIGH to see even a small difference, I didn't know this before, so I was using small values). So I will try later with higher values. It is not guaranteed that this will work though, as it may not be the same function that the game uses when you damage your vehicle yourself.

    11. Mai 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1


    Okay, now I understand. Let's know later in PW in forum what caused this, whether it works or not ;)

    11. Mai 2017
  • Default

    Hello ! I love really your mod, it's possible you can update your mod to be compatible with the new VStancer mod ?

    14. Mai 2017
  • Gtao62

    @Secos67 It is not something I can fix, as ikt's VStancer mod forces its own front/rear height settings while it is active. I already mentioned the incompatibility to ikt and that is what she told me, but she is a bit busy atm. I'm pretty sure she can add a toggle to disable just the height settings so that this mod can work properly, maybe remind her? xD

    16. Mai 2017
  • 025fcd photo thumb 1063944

    @stillhere Reinstalled scripthookvdotnet like 2 times and it started working now lol

    17. Mai 2017
  • Default

    @stillhere Ok, thank you for your answer.

    17. Mai 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1

    @ikt @stillhere

    It would be a cool thing to be able to use the VStancer + Rear Airbag Suspension at the same time. The switch would be a great deal and an option :)

    21. Mai 2017
  • B394a6 2017 02 27 17 38 55


    You sure the height is impacted? Afaik the handling height is independent from wheel height, but I could be completely wrong.

    21. Mai 2017
  • Gtao62

    @ikt I was confused hahah, I saw your email on your github recently so I just assumed xD

    There's definitely a conflict between the two, although I have no idea whether it's actually the height settings from your script or something else. My script works fine when I disable yours through the menu, that's about all I know lol

    22. Mai 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1

    @ikt @stillhere

    I confirm that VStancer can be loaded and then Rear Airbag Suspension will not work. But just turn off Vstancer in menu = off and then Real Airbag Suspension starts working properly.

    23. Mai 2017
  • Ae320a bentley

    Can you update this for gunrunning/ does it work on the gunrunning update?

    vor einem Tag
  • Gtao62

    @ethannn_ Done!

    vor einem Tag
  • Ae320a bentley

    @stillhere Aha lol :)

    vor einem Tag
  • Gtao56

    Please help the game crash when i press a key for the airbag

    my log:

    [22:41:15] [ERROR] Script 'AirbagSuspension.AirbagSuspension' is not responding! Aborting ...
    [22:41:15] [DEBUG] Aborted script 'AirbagSuspension.AirbagSuspension'.

    24 hours ago
  • Gtao62

    @Rsmax01 You can press the Ins or Insert key on your keyboard and try again. I'm not sure why but this has happened to me once or twice. Make sure you are running GTA V as Administrator.

    24 hours ago
  • 0271c7


    8 hours ago
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