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VStancer 0.3.0



VStancer applies wheel and suspension modifications to vehicles.

Game version greater or equal to 1.0.2372.0

Drag and drop VStancer.asi and the folder VStancer to the main GTA V folder.

Opening the menu
Enter vstancer in the cheat console (open with tilde (~) or whatever key is above Tab.
Alternatively, use the hotkey:

For other keyboard layouts, I recommend to change the hotkey in the settings_menu.ini file, which is in the VStancer folder.

Consult the included README.md or README.pdf.

Known bugs
- Wheels clip through ground with extreme angles
- Wheels clip through ground with extreme low height
- While the mod is active, car wheel deformation is not active

Wouldn't even have considered it without InfamousSabre's post on this same thing!
NTA/CamxxCore's hooking class
GVMA for 0.3 testing

Neos7 made a FiveM version, check it out!

Some background info:
Version 0.3.0 is more or less a complete rewrite. The script is functionally
the same as previous versions, no breakthroughs have been achieved
since version 0.2.5. Just big internal codebase improvements which have been
bothering me for a while.

* Changed the save format: `car_saved.xml` and `car_preset.xml` are not supported
in 0.3. Instead, the Config folder contains settings per vehicle.
Your old configurations _will_ have to be made again.
* Added modification-based adjustments: tuning parts can be specified to
change suspension geometry, for example: Increase track width on body kits.
This stacks with the base/existing configuration.
Values for modifications have to be modified in the vehicles' .ini file.
Re-opening the menu reloads files, to load changes.
* Added support for NPC vehicles: The script always updates all vehicles
in the game world in 0.3.

* Fix rim radius not saved
* Automatically disable things vehicles that break (lowriders and flying stuff)

* Fix menu opening causing character selection and recording issues

* Update code for b1604. It's crappy but it seems to work.
* Add a toggle for height tuning. Disable this if you're doing cars with transforming wheels or hydraulics and aren't touching height anyway. (Other stuff->Height tuning)

* Fix offsets for b1290

* Fix auto-apply for wheel size
* Add a warning to the menu for old game versions

Config changes: Add option to open menu with the cheat "vstancer". Can be changed in settings_menu.ini
Saved presets now include wheel size parameters.

* Add wheel size options
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