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Gang and Turf Mod 2.0.3



This mod requires the following to work properly, for version 2.0:
Script Hook V
Script Hook V Dot Net (tested with v3.6.0)
LemonUI (tested with v2.0. The mod uses the SHVDN3 LemonUI files)

Versions before 2.0 require NativeUI 1.9.1 instead of LemonUI

Also, Script Hook V Dot Net requires the following:
.NET Framework version 4.8 or above
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 x64

This mod tries to create a gang and turf system similar to that of Gta San Andreas. With it, you are able to control a gang with a name and members of your choice, take over territories of San Andreas and fight against other gangs for the control of those territories. Control of zones of the world provides constant income.

Drag the scripts folder and the gangModData folder into your GTAV folder.
If you're installing NativeUI/LemonUI as well: just like this mod's .dll, it goes inside the scripts folder too. In LemonUI's case, this mod uses the files inside LemonUI's SHVDN3 folder; put those files inside the scripts folder (LemonUI.SHVDN3.dll and the others)
If you are using Bilago's mod manager,
create a folder for this mod inside the "GTAV Mods" folder
and then extract the scripts folder into the one you've just created.
The GangModData folder must still be put inside the GTAV folder,
or else data won't be saved properly.
When updating from a previous version, don't overwrite the following files of your "gangModData" folder, or else you'll lose your saved data/options: GangData.xml, ModOptions.xml, TurfZoneData.xml

Default basic Controls:
B - Open mod options/gang options and upgrades menu
Shift + B - Open contextual registration menu: gang member registration when on foot and facing a pedestrian, vehicle registration when inside a vehicle
N - Check current zone name and ownership
Shift + N - Open zone controls menu
Ctrl + N - Toggle between zone blip modes (show nearest 5, show all, show none)
Aim at friendly member + H - Add/remove member to/from group (he will follow you around)
Aim at friendly vehicle + H - Make the vehicle back you up (come to you and drop passengers if you're on foot; escort you if you're inside a vehicle)
Aim at friendly member + J - Take control of target member (the armor bar represents the member's health) / return to protagonist
Spacebar (when controlling a member that has been killed) - Take control of nearest member

Controls are configurable ingame.
More information on how to use this mod here.

Reported/known Incompatibilities (if you find out a new one, or notice that one of the mods cited here are no longer having compatibility issues, please report!)
-''Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer'': reported by Thumblesteen, causes member deaths during wars to not affect reinforcement counts. Needs confirmation, though: Spidermonk111 had no issues, apparently
-"Vitality": Vitality is a pretty awesome mod that affects max health and regeneration; however, that conflicts with the way gang member mind control is implemented, making it possible to get "wasted" while controlling a member (which shouldn't happen without Vitality). If you don't use this mod's member mind control feature, you shouldn't have any problem using Vitality.

Want to see Families, Ballas, Vagos and the other "lore-friendly" gangs? Check out Renlou's Gangs file (fixed by TwinkyMods)!

This mod is open source on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!

Pyri has set up a discord server! This is the link to enter it

Special Thanks:
Eddlm, for the vehicle flags forum thread, which helped a lot when making gang cars a bit less crazy haha
Kassiter, for contributing with vehicle mods and other cool stuff!
DarkRTA, for adding the display of turf levels on the blips!
Zixum, for making neat tweaks to the mod!
sover9, for adding more zones to TurfZoneData!
Leon Van Loon, for donating!
KeyMillion, for donating!
Everyone that has downloaded and/or commented here

Recent Changelog:

- Chain mind control: mind control another member while already controlling one, instead of having to return to the protagonist. Contributed by Kassiter
- Don't cull members in player's group
- Use different reinforcements color for AI-only war
- Add warPunishForNoSpawnsEvenIfNoSpawnsAvailable modOption
- Possible fix for unresponsive bikes
- "Vehicle told to back you up" now subtitle instead of notification
- Removed war autoskip on protag. death
- Fix disappearing war blips when returning to a war
- Fix weapons menu messed up checkbox checking
- Fix car color customization menu not saving right option

- Added knownMaxPassengers value to vehicles data
- Fix vehicle colors menu not opening/working correctly
- Fix wrong zone picking for starting wars
- Allow protagonists to take control points

- Don't auto upgrade zones if msTimeBetweenZoneAutoUpgrades is below 0
- Fix "add for specific enemy gang" menu not opening
- AI Gangs more likely to attack the most powerful gang (most zones + most upgrades)
- Fix for error on removing car/member variations

- Now uses LemonUI instead of NativeUI
- Now uses ScripthookvDotNet 3.0 instead of 2.0
- Very bad plane support
- Some helicopter tweaks
- Attempt at spawning vehicles with a starting speed (some are spawning with backwards speed lol)
- Added zones passive upgrading (on by default, controlled by msTimeBetweenZoneAutoUpgrades)
- Added zonesCanLoseValueOnDefenderVictory and survivorsBecomeZoneValueOnAttackerVictory, both on by default
- Added more weapons (reset the weapons list via the ingame mod options menu to see them)

- Vehicle mods support (contributed by Kassiter)
- Members shouldn't drown in water
- Possible fix for war spawning error

- Possible fix for errors in wars

- Fixed localization folder name

- Fix for gangs possibly never being wiped out
- Tweaks for vehicles with guns
- Fix for parachuting peds not despawning when far away
- Added modOptions: gangHelicoptersEnabled, maxAdditionalCostToTakeTurf , maxDistanceToPreserveKilledOffscreen , gangMembersRagdollWhenShot, gangMembersReactToFriendliesBeingShot
- Attempts at mitigating spawnkilling
- I've added placeholder locale files for the WIP localization system, so no more "couldn't find en-US" errors! (add the "locales" folder provided in the zip to your gangModData folder; the rest doesn't have to be replaced if you don't want to, but I recommend also updating PotentialSpawnsForWars)
- Testing: make members always ragdoll instead of using death animations when offscreen

- some helicopter support. Members will parachute (or sometimes just free fall) from helicopters. If you want them to always survive the falls, set the gangMembersAreFallproofWhileParachuting mod option to true
- some fixes in handling extended saves of non-freemode peds as members
- Added "Lock current war reinforcement count" war menu option, for when you don't want the war to end
- Added modOptions: gangMembersCanUseCover, gangMembersAreFallproofWhileParachuting, driverUpdateLimitWhileGoingToDest, driverUpdateLimitWhileDroppingOffPassengers, spawnLimitPercentToUseInAIOnlyWar

- fix for friendly members attacking the player
- attempt at making members spawn with weapons drawn during wars

- lots of new modOptions!
- in wars, members can spawn inside already spawned vehicles of their gang (only vehicles that are still being driven)
- turf levels displayed in the map blips (contributed by DarkRTA)
- setting "punishment for no spawns" interval to 0 or less should now properly disable the feature

- "multi-war" system added: AI gangs actually fight their wars in the open now
- wars now use preset spawn points whenever possible
- wars' spawn points can be taken by attackers/defenders (or neutralized by "third party" gangs)
- gang vehicles in wars should come from different general directions according to whether they're attackers/defenders instead of randomly
- added "gang members spawn everywhere"-like modOption, editable ingame
- tweaked default modOptions
- random fixes hehe

- "custom area zones" added (create a gang zone anywhere. Its "area of influence" is defined by a circle)
- driver spawn limiting (only ambient and war, backups are always spawned)
- war spawns limited to number of tickets
- little increase to the driver update limit before giving up
- secondaryColor of vehicles as customizable option for Gangs
- mind control health tweak (shouldn't have more health than the member had now)
- extra area blip for wars (this one spawns around the player, to circumvent issues with "fighting at the border of the zone")
- notificationsEnabled affecting most notifications
- more modOptions for regulating reinforcements in wars

-more cars spawn in wars
-vehicle driver tweaks
-GangAndTurfMod logs are now kept in only one file instead of a timestamped one for each day
-added "playerIsASpectator" and "membersCanDropMoneyOnDeath" ModOptions
-using Eddlm's spawn generator for getting car spawns in urban areas
-"nerfed" the influence of the amount of owned zones in autocalc
-some checks for bad spawn points during wars
-war balancing tweaks
-"extended save mode" for ped registration. Can help with some addon peds that have extra details, but usually not needed

-fix for being immortal when mind controlling
-fix for gang cars never despawning

-updated to ScriptHookVDotNet V2.10.10
-fix for members dying on spawn
-Just like with SHVDN, this mod now requires .NET Framework 4.8 and Visual C++ redistributable 2019
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