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Jumper 1.4.8


This is a just a simple teleporting mod. It allows the player to teleport to a location by clicking a button.

--Put in the main game folder
--Put in the main game folder
--Put in the "scripts" folder

--drop "Jumper" && "Jumper.ini" into "scripts" folder

--the_XX's stealth mod

ToggleMenu: "F11"
Teleport: "Middle Mouse button"
Lock On: "E"
Teleport to ground: "Right Mouse button" + teleport key
--Only applies if auto cursor is not selected
Adjust Cursor location: "Scrolling mouse" --Only applies if auto cursor is not selected
Adjust Cursor location (back to default): "Q" --Only applies if auto cursor is not selected
Press: "3" while inside a vehicle to teleport to driver seat.
Press: "4" while inside a vehicle to teleport vehicle with you. (this will automatically turn OFF "Auto Cursor"
--while the player can teleport with vehicle can "scroll" to adjust distance or press "Right Mouse button" to go to ground.
--weapon selection by scrolling is disabled, but player can press "tab" to get weapons.
Hold: "E" to lock on to peds surrounding player.
Press: "Left Mouse Button" to finish off surounding pes.
Press: "5" after locking on to surrounding peds to have companions kill them.
(Teleporting stops killing animations.)

Xbox Controller
Teleport: Right Analog Button
Change Teleport Option: "LT"
Lock On: Left Analog Button
Hold: "Left Analog Button" to lock on to surrounding peds.
Press: "Right Arrow" while inside a vehicle to teleport to driver seat.
Press: "Left Arrow" while inside a vehicle to teleport vehicle with you.
Grab Ped: "Left Arrow" while next to ped.
Throw Ped: "RT"
Finisher: "RT"
SlowMotion: "Down Arrow"

The AI for companions:
--I worked with the existing AI for GTA peds, so they can act a little funny sometimes.
--The companions will target their own enemy rather than the player choosing for them. This is to give them some life.
--Max peds that can spawn is 7.
--I recommend up to 3-4 peds, because some of them will just stand around and watch.
--Peds will bring down attacking helicopters if they target them. And while in car only the peds with weapons such as pistols, & microsmg
can attack and bring down helicopter.
--Companions will look for cars to teleport in, if the players vehicle is full.

Extra Info:

This mod will be a submenu in a bigger menu that I want to make. Just a heads up i'm not a computer expert and can't answer complicated questions. I will try my best to answer questions.

Change log:
  • --v1.4.8
    --if you are annoyed by the cars/peds around you flying when you teleport from high buildings, could now turn it off by setting "ForceLand" to False in ini.
    --if you want to change the delay between teleport, now added an option in menu and in .ini file. For menu go to visual menu.
    --Teleporting will now make police not know where you are for some time. The time is calculated by how far you teleport. If you teleport far they will take more time.
    --If the police hud is flashing and you teleport far then the police will stop looking for you.
  • --v1.4.7
    --small changes: teleporting no longer displace vehicles or peds. companions are more story mode friendly, only tested on some missions (expect the unexpected)
    --manual lock on, hold LockOn Key then aim at targets to use finisher on. (to change it go into visual menu --> smoke effect --> manual lock on).
    --could turn off hints or crosshair.
  • --v1.4.5
    --Controller Support
    --Option to disable cursor(it will appear if player is teleporting with vehicle. Also when aiming at ped/Vehicle or changing teleport option).
    --Can now save current settings of the menu or manipulate it in the ".ini" file.
  • v1.4
    --Added Companion Menu
    --fixed slowmotion bug
    --small changes to teleporting(walk/running no longer cancelled. Car velocity and speed are preserved while teleporting. Can now
    teleport while under tunnels/bridges/interiors. can teleport back out by pointing to the "ceiling".
    --can change keys for teleporting/grabbing/throwing(can not, however, pick mouse buttons to replace existing keys).
  • v1.3
    --brought back the old smoke effect as an option.
    --added finishing animations when player holds "E" for some seconds followed by "Left mouse clicking" to initiate animation.
    --only works for unarmed, pistols, knife, bats, switchblade, machete, Hatchet, and dagger
    --default setting for finisher is random. (to change it go into visual menu --> smoke effect --> random finishers).
    --to stop the animations player could press "middle mouse button"
    --if player uses a knife at the beginning of the animation, the player keeps the same knife, but if he doesn't have a slashing weapon at the beginning of the animation, then a machete or hatchet is given automatically.
  • v1.2.1
    --fixed teleporting under the map
    --smoke effect is now 2 times more dense.
    --portal can now interact with environment(throwing peds at it, cars passing through it)
    --fixed bug where player grabs ped while in the car.
    --fixed dying/getting-hurt while teleporting from high building when god mode is not on.
    --fixed weapon usage while grabbing peds.
    --vehicle teleporting is more controlled.
  • v1.2
    --fixed teleporting too high
    --changed smoke due to popular demand(can now change color), effect location still needs to be tweaked
    --Can become the driver by clicking "3" on keyboard.
    --Can grab peds by pressing "4" on keyboard. Can throw peds by clicking "left mouse button"
    --vehicles can now teleport with the player, by pressing "4" on keyboard.
    --portal(still in development, expect bugs) walk in and out of the last locations that you visited.
    --I also added little details like height adds force/animation to the teleportation or vehicle teleportation.
  • v1.0.2
    --default slow motion while teleporting no longer ON. player needs to enable slowmotion to have default slow motion while teleporting.
    --fixed problems with phone showing up and radio changing.
  • v1.0.1
    --file too big

And all the helpful people that posts questions/answers at gtaforums/gta5-base.
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