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Submersible Dock Mod [For Patoche's Secret Base MLO] 1.0


SUBMERSIBLE DOCK MOD. [For Patoche's Secret Base MLO]


If you have the - Patoche's Secret Base MLO (v 4.1 only), this mod gives you a working dock for a submersibles (Mini-Submarines). But it's not a garage - you can't save here your somewhere acquired subs. Instead of that it already has all three submersibles in the dock. You can choose the sub you want to use by interacting with the control panel on the dock's gates. The mod remembers your selected sub and saves your choice to the .ini file. When you enter the sub and swim away from the dock, your sub gets the "In Use" status. It means your current submersible becomes persistent until you get it back to the dock or destroy it or abandon it. Abandoning means getting 200 meters away from the sub and after the timer reaches zero. After that, your sub will be returned to the dock and will lose "In Use" status. Additionally, when you're using the sub and go deep down in the water for at least 8 meters your sub will keep the submersion depth if you get out of the sub under water. Also, there's a delivery service. If you are too far away from the dock you can use your phone to call for a submersible delivery by cargo helicopter (Contact name: "Sub Delivery"). For balancing purposes you can't choose the submersible model using the phone (otherwise the whole point of the dock is lost since the player would abuse the delivery service without visiting the dock) - you'll have to choose it by interacting with a control panel at the dock and the pilot will always deliver your previously selected sub to your location. When the sub is dropped off at your location it also gets the "In Use" status just like it does when you get it in the dock.
When you don't use the sub and you're away from the dock (39 meters) the panel prop and submersible get deleted until you come close enough to the dock again.

TIP: When the delivery helicopter arrives it'll follow you keeping some distance between you and the chopper. By watching at the mini-map or by looking at the helicopter, make sure you order the pilot to drop the submersible off only when the helicopter is above the water unless you want a dropoff on land (the pilot will ask for confirmation if you decide so) for further transportation of the sub by yourself.


- Minimum required version of the game is 1.0.2189.0 (Cayo Perico DLC) or higher

- Elysian Island Bristol's Secret Base v4.1 (water one)

- LemonUI (SHVDN2 version!)

- iFruitAddon2

- Latest ScripthookV

- Latest ScriptHookVDotNet

- Add-On Vehicle Spawner (without it Avisa will despawn) Or you can use any trainer that has anti-despawn feature for DLC vehicles ("Rampage Trainer" for example)


Put the SubDock.dll file in the GTAV/scripts folder.


Usage is pretty straight forward and the whole deal is written in the description. All I can add is this: At the first start the mod will create the .INI file called "SubDock.ini" in you "scripts" folder. This is where the settings of the mod will be saved.

NOTE: This mod I've made for myself and I'm just sharing it with you. It is provided to you AS IS. No additional feature requests are accepted unless it is something that I personally like and want to implement to enjoy myself. However, feel free to report any technical issues and bugs you may encounter. Respond lag: from 1 to a few days.




- gta5-mods page

- Steam page


DJ-LEXX - Author
crosire - ScriptHookVDotNet
Alexander Blade - ScriptHookV
justalemon - LemonUI
CamxxCore/Bob74 - iFruitAddon2
Patoche - Secret Base MLO
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