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GTA V Modding Launcher 0.5.6 [BETA]

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This needs .NET framework 4.6 to work

In order to use this launcher your "Grand Theft Auto V" folder needs to be writable. If it isn't, please follow the instructions in this video.

The launcher is open source on github.

This launcher allows you to easily switch between several "profiles" of GTA V automatically.
A profile can be compared to a folder state: it can contain a set of mods, or it can only contain vanilla files (in that case the profile is considered as "empty")
By default, the launcher has one defined profile: the "Vanilla" one, which is a state where no mods are present (useful when you want to play Online for example). The "Vanilla" profile cannot be edited nor deleted.
When you first launch the launcher, if your GTA V folder contains mods, if will create another profile called "Modded", which contains the mods you installed at this moment. Switching to the "Vanilla" one will remove all the mods, and allow you to play online. However, the mods are not lost. Switching back to the "Modded" profile will restaure them.
You can create as many profiles as you want, rename them, and delete them.

How does it work ?

The launcher searches for modded files using a hardcoded list of vanilla files. When you switch profiles, it moves the mods present in GTA V to an external folder, then moves the files present in another external folder to the game. You don't need several "Grand Theft Auto V" folders anymore !


* Fixed a crash that happened when the update check failed
* The launcher is now using a custom theme and should look more like a native program
+ You can now use the launcher on a custom GTA V directory (but you still have to have the registry key stating where your game is installed, to prevent piracy)

* Fixed bad handling of dlc mods

* Fixed a crash that occured when starting the game after deleting a profile (#1 and #2)
* Fixed a wrong message that was displayed when the game's integrity was compromised

* Fixed a crash that could happen when starting the launcher

* Fixed a bug that prevented the launcher from working in the GTA V directory
* Newtonsoft.Json.dll is now embedded.
* Crash report improved

* Progress bar enhancements
+ You can now change the game's language in the launcher settings
* The user can now disable logging
+ Added an update check
* The crash reporter uses github now
* (hopefully) fixed an issue with some Steam users ("No GTA installation found.")

* The launcher now uses WPF
- Removed launcherResources.zip, the resources are now embedded in the .exe file
* The settings menu is now more compact
* Localization system improved
* The launcher now only detects Steam files when it's running with the Steam version of the game
* The crash reporter has been redone
* Several bugfixes
+ The launcher can now scan for modded x64.rpf files

* Log system enhancements
* Fixed popups position
* Fixed error messages
+ Profiles can now be stored in a custom folder
+ The user can now choose whether to play on a modded profile in offline mode or not

* Fixed the title
* Fixed a crash that could occur when the "GTA V Modding Launcher" folder doesn't exist

+ Initial public release

Note: This launcher doesn't support modded vanilla files. If you want to modify vanilla .rpf files, please use OpenIV.asi and the "mods" folder.

Note2: This launcher doesn't need to be installed in a particular location. You only need to put the 3 files included in the archive in the same folder. It can be installed in the "Grand Theft Auto V" directory, in that case it'll include itself in the vanilla files list.

Note3: This is actually my first C# project, so, several bugs are probably present. If you found one, please report it in the comment section. Please include the crash-date-of-the-crash.txt and latest.log (both are in My Documents\Pursuit\GTA V Modding Launcher\).

GTA V Modding Launcher Created by Pursuit.
Beta testing by KertFaceMan.
Thanks to MulleDK19 for all his advices.

Grand Theft Auto V and all backgrounds used in this software are the property of Rockstar Games and Rockstar North.

Copyright © 2016 Pursuit - All rights reserved
GTA V Modding Launcher is using the MIT license. See License.txt for details.

Please do not reupload, in whole or in part, to any other website without my permission.
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