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    @sirben99 Thanks! Happy early new year to you too :)

    30. Dezember 2020
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    @sirben99 Thank you for these precisions. Indeed, Bilago's launcher is more similar to mine than I previously imagined. There's still one key difference though: when using Bilago's, the mods in the game's folder (both those that were installed before starting the launcher, and the ones it copied) are non persistent since they're deleted when the game stops. With mine, when you make a profile active, the mods are moved in your game's folder and stay there until another profile is made active, which means that the active profile is represented by the extra files added to the game's folder at that point.

    However, since Bilago's launcher seems to use a list of vanilla files, just like mine, and since it hasn't been updated for 5 years, it probably treats the files that were added since then as mods (ex: the language changer in the retail version, several key files in the epic games version), which probably explains why it doesn't work well for some people.

    And don't worry, I didn't take your comment as an attempt to discredit my work or anything, and I always appreciate constructive feedback, suggestions, and general questions :)

    30. Dezember 2020
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    @sirben99 Hey ! My launcher is pretty straightforward: There are several profiles. A special "Vanilla" one with no mods, and as many "Modded" profiles as you want. At any given time, there's one "active" profile. This profile will contain any modification you make to the game. Therefore, you can mod your game however you like (of course, without replacing any base game file). When you want to switch to another profile, you can use the launcher to do so: every modded file will then be moved to the active profile's external directory, and all the mods in the newly activated profile will be moved inside your game's directory. Of course, if the profile you chose to activate is the vanilla one, no mods will be moved to your game's folder, making it effectively "vanilla".

    Offline mode used to be supported, but apparently it's not well handled by the new R* launcher so I removed this feature.

    I'm not familiar with Bilago's launcher, but from what you're telling me, it's fundamentally different from mine. If I understood correctly, it works by tracking the mods you installed and copying / removing several or all of them from your game's folder at will. Mine works by knowing what the vanilla game should look like, and applying / de-applying mod sets (ie: profiles) by moving the extra files around when you switch profiles. The pro of this method is that you don't have to work outside of your game's directory to mod it (simply make the desired profile active, and mod your game normally), which makes using tools such as OpenIV as intuitive as it normally is. You can also start using the launcher with an already modded game (provided all the original game files are intact), and easily make it vanilla. The con is that I can't easily implement a "mod manager" like feature where you can enable / disable individual mods at will. Nor can I make several profiles active (which is what I believe you meant by "multi profiles feature"), since by doing so, I'd just end up merging them. That's why I don't have any plans for such a feature right now.

    However, if you're used to using Bilago's launcher, why did you choose to stop? If my understanding of it's inner workings is correct, it should continue to work basically forever without needing to be updated, since it shouldn't depend on the game's structure ?

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    30. Dezember 2020
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    @toemass Exactly, with two subtleties:
    - When you want to mod a profile, either add the mods in its external directory (but it isn't very practical, especially when using OpenIV), or make sure the profile is active (ie: right click on the profile in the launcher, and select "Set profile as active") and add your mods directly into your game folder

    - When using OpenIV to modify .rpf files, don't ever edit the original rpf files directly. Instead, copy them to the \mods folder and edit them there. That's the official way OpenIV offers you to mod your game without compromising the base files, and that's why the launcher can restore your original game folder simply by moving the modded files away

    26. Dezember 2020
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    @Adomb I don't really understand what your issue is, but I have a feeling it's not related to the launcher. Please come back to me if it's not the case

    @NotCream Well, as long as it works now :D
    np, and enjoy !

    26. Dezember 2020
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    @shroOmm It's definitely not a replacement, and I'll even say more than that - it *requires* you to use OpenIV's "mods" folder system, since the launcher can't work properly if you have modified the base game's RPF files.
    OpenIV gives you the ability to mod the game without modifying any of the game's base files, and the launcher allows you to move the modded files around to have several modded profiles on the same computer, without having several copies of GTA. They are designed to work side by side :)

    21. Dezember 2020
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    @NotCream Interesting. Can you send me your logs?
    If you enable the "use a log file" setting, a file called "latest.log" will be created next to GTAVModdingLauncher.exe

    18. Dezember 2020
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    @Fate Testarossa It works with all versions supported by RAGE Plugin Hook

    15. Dezember 2020
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    @shroOmm One of the prerequisite for using the launcher is to *keep all the original game files intact*. So, you may ask yourself, how can I mod my game then?

    Well, the answer is simple ! OpenIV has a system called the "mods" folder. Basically, when you want to modify a base rpf file, you first copy it to a newly created "mods" folder in your game's directory, and edit the copy. Then, provided you install an ASI loader and OpenIV.asi (both can be installed from the OpenIV package manager), OpenIV will load the RPFs in your mod folder instead of the original ones (when they exist).

    Lastly, for OpenIV to properly locate your modded RPFs, you have to keep their original paths inside the mods folder. For example, if you want to mod [GAME FOLDER]\update\update.rpf, you have to copy it to [GAME FOLDER]\mods\update\update.rpf

    I hope it's clear!

    10. Dezember 2020
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    @NotCream Just put all of them in the same folder. Alternatively, you can make the profile active via the launcher (with a right click) and put the mods in the game's folder, if it helps you see what you're actually doing (ex: when using OpenIV).

    And your crash seems to be caused by the "Close the rockstar launcher after launching the game" option. Disabling this option should fix the problem. You can also try to start the launcher as administrator, to see if it helps.

    @Theos_ Thanks :D I'm happy it's useful to you!

    7. Dezember 2020