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    @Hammadkhan Doing it right now, it will be on the Facebook page

    27. Juni 2017
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    After a long time away, I'm finally not only healthy, but have a great new rig and am able to test my mod again, I'll be starting off slow by updating this version with fixes and the latest versions of the files, and then an installer, after that I'll be adding the AI and physics overhaul which I can finally work on again, the AI are getting very smart, but they also need a bit more CPU to do so, so I will be making two versions of the AI overhaul.

    After that I'll be making my first scripts for Realism, which will likely be fishing and hunting, these will start of simple and be updated as I get more experience and confidence in my coding skills, if anyone has any questions I'll be answering them regularly from now on.

    24. Juni 2017
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    Fixierter Kommentar

    I am trying to figure out a name for the mod that is being made now, a combination of Realism, RDE, and Crystal Reality, if anyone can think of a good name, just let us know.

    This mod is a combination of 3 major mods, being Realism, RDE, and Crystal Reality, so a good name for all 3 as a whole is needed, keep that in mind when thinking of names.

    7. Oktober 2016
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    Woohooo, I'm finally back into my account, now only Twitter left, sorry for the absence, but lack of access to my email for so long prevented me from being able to recover my pass for everything except Youtube, I'm sure a few of you have seen me post on other sites about the problem, if not it's not a big deal, I have access to all my stuff again and will be able to start answering questions, and most importantly, updating the mod.

    The creation of 1.0 has been a massive undertaking with all the stuff being added, but so far it has gone well, but we are looking for a new name for the mega mod it has become, we're looking for names from you guys, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

    GTA Next Gen seems to be a popular name, I'll post a poll with the most popular names picked by you guys.

    7. Oktober 2016
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    For Everyone asking about NPCs dying, or your character dying for no reason, please remove scripts/1-SoB's Realistic Concussions 1_048N.cs

    I think the problem is the new bleeding system I added, mixing with a script based on health, injury and fatigue, is causing peds with no, or minor injuries to die, hopefully this can be fixed

    25. Mai 2016
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    @LuisBR12 @Blackie96 That issue has been fixed, unfortunately I was unable to add Quentins fix with my PC issues

    @HolyDeath3000 I'll ask Quentin now, I'll be back on Skype soon, just reinstalling everything I lost, like you had happen, I ended up having to format both drives, even after that I had to reset the BIOS to stop it from going to a boot manager that didn't exist, annoying, and really enraging, lost so much data, all those girls pics from FB lol, I'll have to ask for new ones :P

    @Morti I had an NPC die on the first mission out of nowhere, other than that I haven't seen, but I'll check it out, I actually had a video of what happened to me, the guy just got on his bike and died, I'm sure that won't be hard to figure out.

    @Euphoria Definitely the FB page.

    @lazylefts If you mean when it impacts the ground, that's on purpose, it also happens without the script when guns hit the ground hard, is that what you mean?

    @sollaholla That's very kind of you, thanks a lot, will definitely add it, a realistic fast travel option is actually a cool idea I never even thought of, much appreciated.

    @Think_Tank Thanks for letting me know, I'm finally all set back up, just getting some new files done and can hopefully get it updated quickly, there are a few things I need to add and upload videos of.

    21. Mai 2016
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    @Pslytely Psycho Is it okay if I add your name if anyone has questions? You've helped me out so much (especially answering questions for a month when I was sick) that I would also like to help you out if I can, so if you ever need anything let me know, even if not related to modding, thanks I really do appreciate it.

    16. Mai 2016
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    @Euphoria well to redo the penetration entirely you need to give each material a penetration value in the materials file, then in weapons you need to give every weapon a penetration value as well, for now just go into the materials file in the materials folder, look at the numbers at the end of materials like Wood_hollow and change the 1s to 0s., I'll upload a file for you soon, I tried to install Win10 last night and it was a disaster, finally get win 8 back installed and backed up, but everytime I install my GPU driver and restart it won't boot, going to try fixing it with bootrec/fixboot in a minute.

    If anyone out there has had that problem can you please help me out, I've tried just about everything I can, it is still reading a boot file that doesn't exist anymore

    16. Mai 2016
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    @Pslytely Psycho Yeh the weapons script is still a WIP, but it does work much better in the latest update, and with trainer that allows you to pick individual guns, yes it needs an F4 key change, but have you tested the latest version in the description yet? it was before I crashed that @Alweul updated last night and fixed a lot of stuff, I'm gonna boot the game back up in a minute and do a full video for the weapons system, it is going to allocate weapons better also I'm pretty sure, although me changing weights might help more, I'll let you know and tell you when the vid's up.

    @Euphoria Yeh when the realistic handling is done it will be much better for defomation, the problem is I haven't tey added all DLC vehicles to update.rpf to change their deformation values.

    @Gromic The video shows that simply because I find it easier to copy over the folder and have the file structure there, I thought it said that in the vid, if not I'll add it.

    15. Mai 2016