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  • 2f2ef8 olo

    works well, thank you

    9. Mai 2024
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    to answer my own question, it is easy to remove the guard rails.
    If you open the DLC with OpeniV in the gta5 folder you find the barriers as collision and "graphic"
    if you just remove the collision files the guard rails are still there, but you can drive through or you delete the "graphic files too.
    Works very well and it is a lot more fun.
    I am already working on a coulple Menyoo files to make the road much more challenging.
    Now I just need to find out how to change the vehicles in dnx_chiliadtown_town_cargen and add lots more annoying mountain bikers and slow moving vehicles with trailers and a few busses...

    17. Februar 2024
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    awesome job!
    is ther any way to make the guard rails optional?
    I like ti kick some traffic of the road

    12. Februar 2024
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    to copy and past, because I would have written the same:
    "Great map, some LOD issues though, as some bushes and trees have LODs on the road, also some parts of the terrain has no collisions, which are some small parts of the mountain at most corner, if i driver a bike for example off the road and into the corner i fall through"
    All in all it is a phantastic piece of workand a well done road.
    Improvements I would reorcomend: If you can spawn a few more motor bikes and a lot of pesky mountain bikes (to run off the road) that would be breat.
    And if you want to do a road on the other side somewhere, a lot of hairpin turns and a road in a very bad shape, crumbling bridges no guard rails etc. but could be on a different mountain also.

    12. Februar 2024
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    I like the clothing twist with hipster fem 3 and Poppy Mitchel with the blown up skirt.
    It would be nice to have a bit more variaty regarding size, opening and cameltoes downstairs.
    As for the istallation, it can be quite easy if you follow this:


    Excellent work. Thanks, @Nivinha

    I found an easy way to install all peds into a single rpf. Interestingly, I am just using the rpf used by MARK2850 for "Full Nude Stripper_02" mod...simply dump all the ped files into the "stripper2nude.rpf" overwriting or preserving MARK2850's original stripper_02. For Tracy and Amanda...dump into a folder you must create: ig_tracydisanto or ig_amandatownley or cs_tracydisanto, matching paths Nivanha states in install instructions. Works for me.
    December 25, 2021
    now your 21 and 22 collection are just in one file and works well for me.
    installation time is less than 2 minuters and it is mostly unpacking and putting it all in one folder. Than drag and drop with OpenIV

    7. Juli 2022
  • 2f2ef8 olo
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    Requires Menyoo PC https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp

    Open the olo... zip and paste the xml file to this directory:
    Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Vehicles
    You can do this during game pause (no need to restart)
    Open Menyoo
    Vehicle Options
    Vehicle Spawner
    Saved Vehicles
    choose your MAYHEM

    15. Juli 2021
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    just follow the install directions

    13. Juli 2021
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    and it can stay a 4 door, no problem with that. Authenticy is good but we just pretend the frame was made extra rigid ;)

    19. Juni 2021
  • 2f2ef8 olo

    I love the details and craftsmanship of your break version - but it is just not the same fun as driving open.
    Could you do the gorgeous DS23 with a choped of roof (cabrio) as a quick and dirty version pretty please?
    It is not important for me if the back is corrrect. Thank you for thinking about it

    19. Juni 2021