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    Why are the locations different in the OCB readme file and the Southside readme file? The game crashes on the mission "The Long Stretch" when using the location (which is incomplete, btw, see below) located in the Southside readme. I don't know much, but it seems like the file belongs in the same location in the OCB readme. I tested one mod at a time until I narrowed it down to this mod. If you install the Southside texture to the (incomplete) location in the Southside readme, patchday3ng location, the game will crash when the wanted level is about to clear on the mission "The Long Stretch." Putting the backup file back in immediately fixes it. Just an FYI. I can't believe this isn't mentioned. The Southside readme says: "Make a copy of your update folder and put it into your mods folder.
    5. Find your x64 folder and look for dlcpacks folder and patchday3ng. Open the rpf with OpenIV and look for models << cdimages << patchday3ng.rpf and open that.
    6. Look for g_m_y_ballasout_01.ytd and right click and hit replace to replace it with the file I have provided you."

    The obvious flaw in these instructions is that when you open dlc.rpf (the ONLY rpf in patchday3ng folder), those files are NOT there, you would still have to go deeper in dlc.rpf to x64/models/cdimages/patchday3ng.rpf to find where g_m_y_ballasout.ytd would be located.

    The OCB location from the readme is "Open up x64v.rpf with OpenIV and look for models << cdimages and open up componetpeds_g_m_y.rpf
    5. Look for g_m_y_ballaorig_01.ytd. Right click it and hit replace to replace it with the file I have provided you."

    If you look at this location, g_m_y_ballasout_01.ytd is located here, as well. This should be the correct location to use. If you are finished with storymode, you may never even know this happens, as I was previously playing in the open world and never crashed from it. But if you go to play storymode, you will know something is wrong immediately. I have no idea WHY this file is even called upon at the END of that mission. It's when you get to the car to flee, it will either crash there or crash as you are escaping, wanted level begins blinking and is about to clear, then boom, crash. Hopefully if anybody else is going through their mods trying to find the issue, this can help or at least be a start.

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    31. Januar 2018
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    ok i got it -- for anyone who wonders like i did. i knew these were add-ons and wouldn't necessarily be replacing files, but i thought it was in the wrong place w the conflicting instructions and i couldn't find it in Menyoo at first. upon further inspection, i realize all the durags replaced in game hats, and the new hats in this mod are under "hair" in menyoo and all their variations. it was obvious by the filenames, i know. and it is correct to place the .ymt in the patchday location, not the other one specified (bc there isn't one to replace). i'm sure others won't have this problem and this will be obvious. AWESOME AWESOME MOD!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Januar 2018
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    sry i was referring to @kinghippo2000's comment

    25. Januar 2018
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    These are so awesome, but will you please double check the install location you put in the description and in the readme?? I'm having trouble. @alex57 pointed out that it says two different things. I put the ymt in patchday (because there wasn't one to replace in the other location specified), but all I can find in Menyoo is basically the model/mesh for the hat, but none of the variations. The mesh shows up as the Bug company red hat, just in a 59-fifty style with a white durag and I can see all the durags too. Also I notice all the backwards hats have the 59-fifty logo on them, but just the regular game hats, no other variations, should there be? I did think it was odd that the mod files added to streamedped_players - player_one did not replace any files there, so I didn't have anything to even backup. Surely they are in the wrong location, but where do they go? And can you clarify where exactly the .ymt file goes?

    25. Januar 2018