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96B Battle Tank 1.0


[Hong Yi Team]96B Battle Tank
Author: Hong Yi | Version: 1.0 | Published: 2016-11-22

Mod model preparation: Wesker
Mod production: Yoha (02)
Map production: Yoha (02)
Add-on Pack production: Yoha (02)
Beta Tester: Mental,FeiJi,Dragon Roar,PLAAF,Eloper,Wesker

Mod Copyright: 96B Battle Tank copyright belongs to Hong Yi Team who

declines to modification from any person or group. For details, please

see below copyright statement.


(1) 3 weapons: cannon, machine gun, missle
(2) multi components
(3) support livery
(4) Openable bonnet
(5) shakeable aerial
(6) unbreak tracks
(7) has dust
(8) correct burn area
(9) wading good

NOTE: We refuse any modifications on our model.
Making of new paintjobs is allowed,But please contact us in the mod

page before creating it.
(The appearance of foreign countries' national flag and emblem on our

model is strictly prohibited)

use simple trainer or KriseTrainer can change components or liveries.

[MOD propaganda video viewing address]
Youku channel(China Mainland):

Youtube channel:

We are a professional mod team which focuses on millitary vehicles and Thanks to all the members of the Hong Yi Team. As we know, making mods requires very hard work. We overcame many difficulties to reach the target and we are proud of the success we have now. We hope that everyone can support and encourage us in the future so that we can afford the ZM3 and produce more detailed mods.Thank you.

Thanks to the following members who made contribution to our team:

During the time of making mod, Yoha gave us a lot of help. All the

problems we encountered in the team were solved by Yoha.He also

independently completed Model optimization and all processes about 3D

model, map production and ZM. Yoha also made a tutorial of making MOD

with 3DMAX and ZModeler3 for everyone to learn. Welcome to enter "Yoha

’s MOD Class in Baidu’s post bar.

I'm Not MentaL
I'm Not MentaL is a very enthusiastic member of our team. He has

strong sense of responsibility, professional programming knowledge and

innovation ability. He is in charge of writing all scripts of our MOD.

Thank MentaL for all his contributions to our team!

FeiJi is a very optimistic, outgoing team-worker with outstanding

practice ability, who is in charge of leading 3D model into games to

make MOD product. Many thanks go to FeiJi for his contributions to our


Dragon Roar
Dragon Roar is a very diligent member of our team. He is man of

integrity and creative spirit. He is responsible for modeling and

textures by virtue of his professional knowledge. Thank Dragon Roar

for his contribution to our team!

As a member of our team, PLAAF is very humble and hardworking. He

made, remade and optimized some mappings. Thanks goes to PLAAF for his

contribution to our team.

Eloper is a very hard-working man in our team who also goes for

perfect. Some work of the map making and map optimization was done by

him! Thank Eloper for his contribution to our team.

Wesker is the sponsor of our team. All of the 3D models were provided

by Wesker. Thank him for working for our team!

[Copyright notice]
1. All rights are reserved. Hong Yi the team refuses any person or

group to do any modifications (Chinese weapon models and maps are

especially forbidden to be tabbed with other countries' national flags

and national emblem.)

2. Without permission, our mod cannot be shared or reproduced;

3. Without permission, our mod cannot be sold.

In violation of the above regulations, Hong Yi the team will appeal to

law. We shall file an appeal against the copyright infringement and

the violation of the provisions and relevant civil liability shall be

pursued! Thank you for your cooperation!
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