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GTA Space - Another Fan Update 1.21


I am a great fan of GTA Space mod, and I was working since a lot of time on my "Stargate Odyssey" mod which is leading you on another planets with human installations (using Menyoo / Map Editor), and I tried to learn how works GTS files, just to add elements in my futur Stargate projects ... And that is the first result !
I create a new additional solar system and 4 new habitable worlds (3 planets, and one moon) in Grand Theft Space mod as "fan update".

Here is the list of modifications :

- adding of "Hawking Planet" : a rocky planet, similar to earth, a little bit smaller. No oceans, only fossil water underground. The climate is hot and dry, temperate at the poles. The air is breathable, but there is no form of life. It is the closest planet to the host star of Kepler B53 system. Here, a day is 30 hours long.

- adding of "Horus" : this is a stormy moon of Hawking planet, protected by a powerfull magnetic field. All covered by hurricanes and storms. Lots of breathing oxygen, water, oceans, but a permanent hostile climate ... The days are endless on Horus : more than 20 earth days, linked to planet P1q570.

- adding of a black hole in the background (similar to Gargantua in Interstallar movie by Christopher Nolan, which inspired this update and the original GTS mod itself).

- adding of "Douglas Planet" : this is a giant icy planet, with a solid snowy surface and atmosphere. Temperature is bewteen -20 and -164°C from equator to poles. The air is breathable, but similar to earth at 3000 meters in the mountains. The gravity is 70% of the earth, and a day is 78 hours long. No form of life detected.

- adding of a new wormhole which leads you to "Eleonore" system. A very old system with a dying red giant star, which only has a few million years left before supernova.

- adding of "Eleonora" and his ring : a giant rocky planet, with a very fine atmosphere, but breathable oxygen just on the surface. This planet was inhabited by ancient life forms that have disappeared since billion of years. No water or clouds, the climat is very cold in the night, very hot to the day. The gravity is 40% of the earth. This planet is linked to his star and one full rotation around his host star is 340 earth years long !

- fixes in some spawning points on several planets and orbits (Karoon, Neptune and others).
- new skybox texture (brighter stars) and new sun color in Kepler system.
- new texture for Karoon : the map of this planet is mainly covered by ocean, so I make a new texture, which is now an ocean planet seen from space.
- I have enable sound in space. Less realistic but seems better for in-game experience.


V1.00 (05/11/2023) - First release -

V1.01 (30/11/2023) - Minor update :
- "p1q570" planet is now also known and named ingame as "Hawking Planet" in Kepler B53 system
- "p3q570" icy planet is now also known and named ingame as "Douglas Planet" in Kepler B53 system
- "px3z5537" planet is now also known and named as "Eleonora" planet in Kepler 394 system
- "Kepler 394" system is now also known and named as "Eleonore System"

V1.20 (02/12/2023) - Fixes and improvements :
- .OIV auto installer for easier update !
- removing rain on Horus moon because of causing a bug on other planets (unwanted water effect on ground)
- adding icy mounts on Douglas planet
- fix of a spawn bug on Douglas planet
- fix of a spawn bug on Mercury
- fix of a "gravity bug" on every planets and orbits of GTS
- new timecycle effect on Douglas icy planet (more wind and frozen night)
- fix of some ingame planet names not changed in v1.01 update in Kepler and extra system
- some ajustments in GTS.ini
- including a working NativeUI.dll in script folder for GTS to work (https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases)


1 - Download and install "Grand Theft Space (GTS)" mod by GTS Devs, and each REQUIREMENTS (ScriptHookV, etc) - https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/grand-theft-space-net-gts-devs
(Optional : You can also install "GTS fan made Update" mod if you want, by MarcoSzwk - https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gts-mars-terraformed-marcoszwk-gts-devs)
2 - Using OpenIV, click on Tools -> Package Installer and choose Autoinstall GTS Another Fan Update V1.2.OIV
3 - Now you are done ! Lets travel to Kepler B53 system and explore new potential worlds for colonization !

Ingame :
- "p1q570" = "Hawking Planet" (second earth in Kepler B53 system)
- "p3q570" = "Douglas Planet" (icy planet in Kepler B53 system)
- "px3z5537" = "Eleonora" (ring + rocky planet in Eleonore system)
- "Kepler 394" system = "Eleonore System"

WARNING : The work on this mod took tons of hours, and new expansions are already on the way. Please respect the work done.

known bugs :
- Stars, black holes and another "background" objects are not bright enough. I am working on a way to have brighter backgrounds and suns.
- Some holes can be visible on Karoon water surface, in the ocean (GTS issue).
- In order to resolve a space driving bug (uncontrollable spacecraft with shdn3 ), I had to enable gravity, that is less realistic, but at least you can drive in space and use the mod. I am also working on this issue.
- Sometimes, normal map of Los Santos can quickly be visible in the background on some planets (GTS issue).
- If you have any other problem with this mod, please leave a comment, we will try to solve it as fast as possible.

If you use this mod, and make any video / photo with my mods, please provide a link to my profile works / Facebook and also on Grand Theft Space mod. Thank you !

Credits :
- GTS Devs for "Grand Theft Space" and all those who made it possible to create GTS mod.
- MarcoSzwk for "Grand Theft Space GTS fan made Update!"
- OpenIV Team, Alexander Blade, crosire & contributors ...
- NASA for pictures, and directors of Interstellar movie for Gargantua textures.

More updates and mods on my Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FlashProjectsAdmin/
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