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  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @ImNotMentaL Found a bug. When Cam Shake is enabled, you call STOP_GAMEPLAY_CAM_FROM_SHAKING on tick. This isn't something you wanna do. It locks it up so no other scripts can shake the camera, whether it be another mod or Rockstar's.

    Use a bool in an if statement so the stop shake native only runs once. I did this similar algorithm when I did the ship camera animation in Online Interiors.

    5. März 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @ikt Yes. Every time I open the menu, character switching is permanently blocked for that session. This also includes the record buttons.

    Changing my mapped buttons doesn't fix it.

    3. März 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @SWOD I was told to put it there in their Discord and it didn't work. Is it a different location for FiveM SP?

    27. Februar 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MAFINS Well I suspect it is trying to write to some log file on the C drive.

    It also is spamming the console that an unknown memory pool of size 700 is full and it needs to be increased in gameconfig.xml. Which is weird because I am using the exact same gameconfig I use in SP. I did hear ScriptHookV expanded some pools. Since you have had a version of Menyoo running on your own hook, maybe you might know more about this?

    25. Februar 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @13stewartc FiveM has no protections against Menyoo.

    @MAFINS I noticed that sometimes the game will load up, but he FPS will be super low. It seems like it isn't able to load MenyooStuff. I did notice that in task manager, my C drive is at 100% usage. Is there some kind of default location on the C drive that MenyooStuff could exist in?

    24. Februar 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @MAFINS Where do I put menyooStuff for FiveM exactly? I tried all the possible locations, and installing Menyoo makes the console say that some unknown pool size is full, while the game sits in a loading screen forever. WTF? How does Menyoo make this happen in FiveM, but not SP?

    24. Februar 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @thiagoandradevitoria When I find time, I work on this. I still wanna fix some stuff. But I am looking into making something significantly better. An offline GTA O where you can use mods. All done by emulating the back end and patching some natives so you don't actually go Online.

    @AUSSIE_LAD_96 Make sure you're on the latest build, have everything in the dlclist from the latest build, and have the Online maps enabled in Open Interiors.

    23. Februar 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @Aaskereija Sounds interesting. Did you find a way to edit the IPL's the save has enabled and disabled?

    I know they gotta be stored in the save considering that different ymaps are toggled as you progress through the story, and they even change depending on how you progress.

    Too bad Rockstar resets all the IPL's when you go Online.

    19. Februar 2019
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @sjaak327 Looking great!

    I think you just need Flashback from GTA III, Feaver 105 from GTA VC, and Bounce/CSR from SA, and you'd got all the good stations. :D

    15. Februar 2019